LOAFERS - Casual and Classy

The house of Torresi is known for its robust design, reliable construction, and the use of the most authentic and good quality material. Our range of leather shoes goes beyond the conventional to give you sturdy leather shoes. We promise you not just quality of construction, but also modish and unique designs. The designer shoes, including loafers, come in unconventional colours and designs that pique curiosity.

There are some things that never go out of style. Loafers will always be a man’s best friend, in any generation, at any age, in any city. These comfortable loafers are a one-stop-solution for all of your comfort and fashion woes. You can literally pair these loafers for men with any kind of attire. Alberto Torresi brings you a range of these leather shoes to die for. Exceptionally crafted with the best material, this collection of loafers will give you a comfortable and snug fit. The suede leather shoes will wrap your feet and pamper your soles, giving you utmost comfort. And it’s a well-known fact that comfort is the primary objective of lounge wear. You can easily settle into these slip-on loafers with their comfortable flexible backs.

Comfort is not all that we offer in our collection of leather shoes. There are designs galore to choose from. Colours that will bring out your personality, with embellishments and detailing that adds a touch of chic to otherwise plain leather shoes. Here you will find plain yellow loafers with a simple but elegant strip on the upper. Or you may also fancy the contrast thread-detailing on your loafers in pulsating colours like bright red and vivid blue. We also have on offer a pair of loafers whether you are the kind to go sober and simple or the type who goes against the tide with something snazzy in delicious colours. All our loafers are constructed with a mean rubber sole, that will keep your feet comfortably supported as you traipse through town.

You may have a complete wardrobe when it comes to your clothes and accessories, but no ensemble is complete without the right shoes for men. Take your time, let the styles on display settle into your psyche, and then when you know exactly which leather loafers you want, the rest is just a click away.