Private Edition

PRIVATE EDITION - Rev the Style Quotient

There are some people who go to work, and there are those who strut smartly to office with some swag. We have people who are content being smart, and then we have those who want to be uber stylish and won’t rest till they know they look chic from all angles. The Private Edition from Alberto Torresi is for the latter category. The formal shoes on display here are sure to get your adrenaline pumping, preparing you to rev your style engine. Torresi has always been known for its high-quality footwear and its brand value. This collection of uniquely styled formal shoes for men will remind you why Alberto Torresi has that reputation.

Just as you will find out-of-the-world formal footwear in the Classic Shoes section, this collection will leave you stunned with that little bit extra added to each pair of formal shoes. A hint of shine on an otherwise sober maroon goes a long way in adding a spark to formal shoes for men. Then you might even fancy the intricate brogue pattern on plain brown footwear. There are more crazy and ‘out-there’ patterns on the formal shoes in this range. Ranging from extreme gloss to complete matt, these formal shoes for men are sure to raise your eyebrows, and we mean in a good way.

The distinctive designs are not all that these formal shoes flaunt. The comfort that you feel once you slip your feet into these leather shoes is akin to feeling the warmth of woollen socks on a chilly winter day. The quality Italian leather used for the construction of this footwear, in the hands of skilled craftsmen, gives an impeccably stylish and comfortable end product. This range of formal shoes for men also has TPR soles. TPR is highly durable material, so you know your favourite designer shoes won’t wear out after one night on the town… or two… or three… Well you get the idea!

All the colourful people out there will naturally gravitate towards the formal shoes on offer in our collection. Is that you? Let’s find out.