5 Key Factors to Consider When Buying Women’s Office Shoes

It is important to dress well and project a professional image at your workplace; and your shoes can definitely make or break your corporate look. Not all shoes are right for the work environment, and hence shoes for the office should be chosen with due care.

That said, it is not just essential to invest in shoes that look pretty and complement the outfit but also shoes which are comfortable and keep the feet healthy. Inappropriate shoes can cause damage to the knee, foot, and spine. Below is a list of five important factors that women must consider when buying office shoes:


Comfort is the first and most important factor to bear in mind when looking at various shoes, since you will spend more than 8 hours a day wearing them. Office Shoes should have the following:

  • Cushioning - Fabric or synthetic padding inside the shoe will guard your foot from strain and also allow the foot muscles to work less.
  • Right Fitting - Too large or too small shoes can create blisters, give shoe bites, or cram your toes. Get the right fit which has at least a thumb’s space for movement.
  • Correct Width - Shoes in which your heel and ankle are not rubbing against the insides are ideal.


For daily office wear, you can avoid heels. If you cannot, buy 2-inch kitten heels. They add the required elegance to your outfit, without giving you the pain of heels. For daily use, 2-3 inch is ideal, heels more than that will cause pain and discomfort and can lead to health problems. Alternatively, you can go for wedge heels as they evenly balance the pressure on the foot.


Taking into account a few minor details when purchasing office footwear can help you make the right choice:

  • Avoid pointed toe shoes; they’ll cram your feet.
  • Go for hi-quality material.
  • The shoe should bend only and only at the ball of the foot.
  • While the mid-sole should be firm, it should still be capable of absorbing shock.
  • Inner soles of the shoe must provide cushioned support.


When selecting the shoe design, keep in mind the following:

  • Avoid shoes which straps, especially ankle straps. They’ll cause immense pain if worn for the entire day.
  • Do not purchase glittery shoes to wear to work or even the ones which have ornate or eye-catching accessories on them.
  • Never go for bright or colorful footwear for office use. Opt for colors like black, gray, beige, blue, or white.
  • Avoid shoes which have a thick platform or texture.
  • Do not go for sporty or open sandals.


It will be the optimum choice to invest in more than one pair of shoes for work. Flats, kitten heels, and wedge heels can be used for daily wear. On the other hand, a pair of oxfords and pumps can be bought for occasional use. If you have to wear heels daily to work, make sure you have 2 or 3 pairs, and keep rotating them. Lesser the heel height, more the comfort you will have.

Lastly, office shoes must be chosen with great care. Since you will be wearing them for more than half of your awake-time every day, it is important to buy shoes which have the right balance between look and comfort both.

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