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Sep 2017

They say that you can tell who a man is, by the shoes he wears. The Alberto Torresi man is infinite. He doesn’t have just a single pair of shoes. He is dressed flawlessly, right down to his very toes. He is the perfect gentleman at work, bold in his classic shoes for men.

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The Torresi collection is extensive, with an abundant assortment of designs, types and styles. The impeccable stitches on varying hues of leather seem to mould themselves around the feet. Their shoes for men have sturdy, athletic and faithful soles, never letting you down on any occasion. And for that beautiful day at the beach, his flip-flops come to play.

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How about that evening with his friends, the perfect pair of shoes are ready: finally unwinding, his tired feet seek out his lazy new loafers. He is a man for all seasons, with shoes for all occasions.

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Welcome to a site with options in men’s shoes as varied as your many possible avatars. There goes the cool-dude, in his blue Benny casuals. But they could have been green or yellow, what with the comprehensive variety at the Alberto Torresi shop. A little rain can’t stop him, he’s taking on the world in a pair of signature Daone slippers. Or slinging his boot clad ankle over his Harley: he rides swiftly through the mist.

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He knows he’s going to ace the job interview- his timeless Aviero formals reflect smartly off the polished floor, as does his confidence, now and in thirty years.

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How about the guy who’s walked into the movie theater, in a snazzy pair of brown Matteos, with the girl of his dreams on his arms? You’re here; you’re reading this: you know it is you. Shoes for men are after all, the reflection of one’s soul.

This website makes it easy to acquire your dream pair. Direct your wishes into the search bar, and voila, here is your genie. Alberto Toressi crafts and delivers the masterpiece you desire. They strive to achieve comfort under the polished silhouette of leather, and with a scientific exactness they create shoes for men that are in sync with the essence of a man.

Come one, come all. It is here that you will find your carefully constructed sole mate. To each man his shoe.


  • 08 Sep 2017 Vrushali nerkar

    Alberto torriesi shoes best best best..
    Quality is excellent..
    Stylish N classic..

  • 08 Sep 2017 Rajinder kaur

    Alberto Torresi shoes are amazing ,long lasting and comfortable to every age of group

  • 08 Sep 2017 Yawar khan

    Alberto Torresi Shoes makes me dapper..!!
    Comfort with class..

  • 08 Sep 2017 Pooja Vasani

    Great collection,loving it totally

  • 08 Sep 2017 Fairaz

    Alberto Torresi is made with very high quality of material and designs. Even if its wear on a simple wardrobe, it will look a latest trends. Thank You.

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