Red Carpet - The Award Winning Shoes

For centuries, humans have been in awe of their Gods. Gods that are powerful and mighty, and control the fate of the world. Gods that are never to want, and live immortal lives of luxury. The red carpet is a slice of this godly extravagance, an indubitable symbol of the elite: the chosen ones.

The Red Carpet is the celebrity version of a test. Are you worthy of this glory that is reserved for the Gods amongst us? It is the perfect circumstance for announcements to be made, rumours to be quelled and scandals to be unearthed. The women in their flowing gowns with open backs that reveal their perfectly glowing skins, perhaps find it easier to express their individuality than the men in their monochromatic tuxedos and tamed hairstyles.

The Red Carpet Nights are also a platform for designers to display their newest creations, whether it is clothes, accessories or shoes. The Alberto Torresi, the award winning shoe line, has made best use of these occasions. Bearing the title for the Most Admired Men’s Fashion Brand of the Year 2014, Torresi has steadily been making a name for itself, since its establishment in 2010.

Karan Tacker is one of Torresi’s most prominent clientele. He often wears the shoes to different Red Carpet events, alternately favouring Domenicos and the peppy Blue Suedes. The actor Shivin Narang wore a pair of Torresi’s to the Star Parivar Awards. The absolute highlight was when the soulful singer Sonu Nigam won the Hindustan Times’ Most Stylish award while wearing his tan Torresi Shoes.

The brand clearly appeals to the young urban crowds, which is exactly the clientele they are aiming for. Saquib Saleem enclosed his feet in Torresi leather at the Femina Beauty Awards Night and as did the musician Siddharth Mahadevan, the son of the esteemed Shankar Mahadevan, at the IIFA weekend. The company’s director Ishaan Sachdeva too is impeccably dressed for the increasing number of Red Carpet affairs he frequents.

The Red Carpet is meant to dazzle, those who attend it and those that watch on enviously, alike. This is where fashion statements are crystalized. And it is here that Alberto Torresi continues to make its mark.

Treading the Red Carpet in Torresi marvels. 

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