Where would we be without great shoes? We survived the last few years in basically just slippers and trainers. New year is a perfect time to shake things up in your wardrobe and the shoe trends 2022 are guaranteed to do just that.

A great pair of shoes isn't just a worthy investment, it’s a necessity. Yes, even now. Whether its a wedding or a casual day out, a job interview or a meeting with the head honchos from corporate, some occasions demand footwear that’s as refined as it is timeless. 

Luckily, there are options out there for every style. You need to find something that fits squarely within your wardrobe, and won't hurt your wallet in the process. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of essential shoes that every man should own.

From high quality sneakers to a killer pair of boots, come see how many of these shoes you can check off the list.

Must own men’s shoe styles -

1. Boots - When the going gets tough, the tough goes shopping. We’re well aware that the weather can be less than ideal so it’s important you’re prepared and have the right footwear. Leather boots are the perfect representation of casual meets corporate. Falling somewhere between boots and dress shoes, they’re an awesome way to modernize your style. 

Choose black leather boots for smart occasions, pointed for Friday night drinks and suede for casual, most popular and highly versatile.


2. Sneakers - Everyone needs a pair of kicks with a casual vibe that still upholds a clean sense of style. A simple pair of sneakers go well with just about any outfit. Pick up one of our top picks from our Flyknit collection and have fun wearing them with jeans, shorts, chinos etc.


3. The Loafer - Loafers are a solid mix of high end style with that low key desire to have a fun time. If penny loafer is a little too simple for you, you can always add a flair to your personality with a classic pair of horse bit loafers.These add a touch of sophistication and Italian gusto to an otherwise simple design.


4. The Oxford - If you’re going to have just one pair of dress shoes in your closet, you should consider an oxford first. A style that goes with almost all your formal options. If you want to go for a classy aspect, then the oxfords are an appropriate option for you. They have low heels and closed laces, making them a perfect pick for a decent office look. And their versatility makes them a no brainer inclusion on this list.


If your walk-in doesn't have at least half a dozen pairs of shoes on the rack, its probably time to slowly invest in building it out. Your overall style and ability to be versatile with your wardrobe will dramatically increase with each style of shoes you introduce to your collection. But the right shoes are just the start!

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