A complete guide to style black slip-on shoes

Casual shoes have revolutionized the footwear industry. They never fail to impress any generation or gender. But men’s black casual shoes prove to be the kingpin even today in the world of bizarre fashion. Attractive black slip-on shoes contain a mystic charm that never fades away. Whether you are an old soul who likes to keep it low or a fashion-forward individual with a crazy closet, these casual shoes will steal your heart. With their effortless style and timeless appeal, black slip-ons offer unmatched versatility. Although these shoes can level up your fashion game, you need to know the right way to style them.

This guide explores the various ways you can style black slip-on shoes to create subtle yet sophisticated looks for any occasion. We will dive deep into its types and learn the ways to style each of them. Whether you're dressing for a casual day out or a special event, mastering the art of styling black slip-ons will undoubtedly enhance your overall aesthetic. So, let's dive in and discover the endless possibilities of incorporating black slip-on shoes into your wardrobe!

Black slip-on shoes - Always in trend

Before we jump into the style guide, let us give you an overview of why men’s black slip-ons are always considered to be trendy. These slip-on shoes have transcended generations and styles. You can see this is the favorable choice of many celebrities and influencers. They were quite popular in the late '60s, early '90s, and of course today because of GenZ. So what is the ideal or typical black slip structure? These shoes boast a sleek silhouette and a slip-on design without any laces. You will get these in premium materials such as leather, suede, or canvas. They offer both comfort and style without any hassle.

You may witness style icons like David Beckham, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Henry Cavill slaying in black casual shoes during their interviews. Not only them but the royals during the late 90s started rocking these shoes during their casual appearances. Why are black slip-ons so popular? Whether you pair them with jeans and a tee for a laid-back vibe or match them with tailored trousers for a more polished look, black slip-ons always make you look sharp and cool.

Different types of black slip-on shoes

Now let us understand each type and understand its styling guide:


Classic loafers feature a low heel and a moccasin-style construction with a stitched seam across the toe. Even in a loafer, you will come across different types like:

Penny loafers have a small slot or "penny" cut into the saddle across the vamp.

Tassel loafers feature decorative tassels on the vamp.

Bit loafers are adorned with a metal strap or "bit" across the vamp.

Horsebit loafers are distinguished by a metal horse bit ornament on the vamp.

Styling Tips

  • Pair classic black loafers with straight-fit light jeans or cold-toned trousers. Top it up with a formal shirt or a turtle neck T-shirt for a sophisticated office look.
  • Style black penny loafers with cuffed jeans and a casual blazer for a smart casual look.
  • For tassel loafers, chinos and a knit sweater would be the best choice to create a refined aesthetic.
  • If you love bit loafers then opt for slim-fit jeans and a leather jacket for a modern vibe.
  • Style horsebit loafers with cool funky shorts and a linen shirt for a polished summer outfit.


Slip-on sneakers offer the comfort of sneakers with the convenience of slip-on styling. They feature elastic panels or stretchy materials for easy wear. You get two options with the heels such as:

Platform slip-on sneakers feature a raised platform sole for added height and a trendy aesthetic.

High-top slip-on sneakers extend above the ankle for increased support and a modern look.

Styling Tips

  • Wear black slip-on sneakers with cropped trousers and a graphic tee for a sporty vibe.
  • You can rock your street style by pairing platform slip-on sneakers with black denim and black shrugs.
  • Add edge to your look with high-top slip-on sneakers, paired with ripped jeans and a leather biker jacket.


Closed-toe mules feature a closed front and an open back. It provides a stylish alternative to traditional loafers. You also get two variations of this type:

Peep-toe mules have an open-toe design which allows a peek of the toes for a more summery feel.

Embellished mules may feature decorative accents such as studs, bows, or embroidery.

Styling Tips

  • The transition from day to night by pairing black closed-toe mules with a simple pajama and a low-shoulder Cotton Tee.
  • You can welcome summer vibes with peep-toe mules paired with light blue or white denim and a chiffon shirt.
  • Make a statement with embellished mules. How? Style them with cropped trousers and a sheer tank T-shirt to let the shoes shine.

Boat Shoes

Boat shoe slip-ons feature a moc-toe construction, rawhide laces, and a slip-resistant rubber sole, perfect for nautical-inspired looks.

Classic boat shoes are crafted from durable leather or suede. They offer evergreen style and versatility for both casual and smart-casual outfits.

Modern boat shoes may feature contemporary updates such as contrasting stitching, color-blocked designs, or perforated detailing for added visual interest.

Styling Tips

  • Channel a preppy aesthetic by pairing black boat shoe slip-ons with tailored shorts and a polo shirt for a classic summer look.
  • Create a laid-back vibe by styling classic black boat shoes with cuffed jeans and a lightweight knit sweater for casual weekends.


Slider slip-ons feature a single wide strap that crosses over the foot. This strap provides an easy-to-wear slipper structure with a minimalist aesthetic. You have two options with sliders:

Pool sliders are designed for poolside or beachwear. These sliders feature water-resistant materials and a cushioned footbed for comfort.

Fashion sliders may feature embellishments such as logos, studs, or metallic hardware, adding a touch of glamor to casual outfits.

Styling Tips

  • You can achieve an effortless cool look with black slider slip-ons and denim shorts. Add a funky bold printed tee for a relaxed summer look.
  • Take your beach look to the next level by wearing pool sliders with your favorite swimwear.

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