Ambidexterity of a Burgundy Shoe

This blog post caters to dwell on the versatility of an oxblood or a burgundy or plum colored shoe. A burgundy shoe is one that is on the verge of red rather than the darker spectrum of that particular shade. Its so fulfilling to see someone sport a bright and bold pair of burgundy shoes because, in India, this color tone for shoe choices is extremely underutilized. Men most usually get stuck in shades of brown as a different option other than the usual blacks and hence hesitate to experiment with the burgundy. As a result this color when worn, it gives the wearer an edge over the usual style and panache. 

So let's clear the air and learn through this blog by Alberto Torresi exactly what to and what not to pair with a Burgundy shoe!

Wearing a rich color like it can contribute to add depth to your overall outfit. It adds some character to something that can sometimes feel somewhat over-classic, conservative or modern, it is always fulfilling to see more burgundy shoes being offered and hope to see more of you buying them.

The burgundy hue works just fine if paired with dark tones of black, grey, navy, brown and undoubtedly well with deep and dark shades of blues and greys. Light colored pants are a bad option to pair with these. 


Jeans and chinos are also wise options to pair these with as long as your overall outfit is dominated by a dark color. It can easily be mixed into formal and casual looks, but because of its dark tone it works best as a rich leather, so is often used in dress shoes in various tones. There are not many things more attractive than a nice burgundy leather and this shade might be the best option to kickstart your attire.

In context with the formality of this color, the burgundy shoe is comparatively less formal than black but on par with the brown. Now whenever you're looking to enlarge your shoe collection, don't forget to add this color and add a dimension to your everyday look. Because of its mix of tones in the red family, it’s a fairly versatile color and is often used to add a pinch of colour to a rather neutral look.

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