Complete black shoe guide - how to pick the right one for you

Black shoes can be elegant as a pair of handcrafted formal shoes but you can never get disappointed either when wearing black casual shoes for men in a summer event. No matter how big your collection of shoes is, nothing can beat the charm of black!

There are different aspects to consider while picking the right black shoes for your outfit. Basic things include that you need to pay attention to the leather, toe, and heel of your shoes for the proper dressy look. It's important to try on shoes and walk around in them before buying them. Even though picking shoes comes down to personal preference, following a few steps will help you find the perfect pair of black shoes. Let us dive deep into this guide and understand how to pick the right shoe pair for you.

Feel and examine the leather for formal events

It is ideal to wear dress shoes made of leather. You must find leather that is smooth, but not too smooth, and that may be shiny, but not enough so that you can see your reflection in it. Shoes that seem too shiny or feel plastic should be avoided. Avoid these as they are unlikely to be genuine leather. Black leather shoes last longer and go better with dressy clothes. So you don't have to struggle much with formal attire when you get genuine leather shoes.


Use the S.O.F.A method

The method is extremely effective and combines both aspects. It would be nice to wear something that is both practical and pretty at the same time. You will automatically feel more confident once you have these two reasons in place.

You should look through the different types of shoes and choose the ones that will make you feel comfortable and look good

In S.O.F.A, the S stands for season. Seasons play an important role when it comes to shoes. Different seasons bring different vibes, so you have to consider the weather outside.

It is winter, so you can wear a lot of different color combinations and styles that you might not wear in July. Here, the season refers to the weather and the time of year.

O stands for the occasion in the second letter of the alphabet. With the exception of weekends, it is pretty predictable what you will be doing all day long. You can plan accordingly if you know what type of occasion it is.

If you're going to a wedding or to work, you might be in a hurry. Formal and fancy events will likely be held in the first case, while business casual or business formal events will be held in the second case. There would be two different combinations of colors, fabrics, and outfits.

The letter F stands for formality. This refers to the formality of the situation. It could be a fancy event, a formal event, or a casual event. If you're attending a black-tie wedding, you'll need high heels to match your formal attire.

The beach, however, is a super casual event, so flip-flops are your footwear of choice.

Last but not least, the A in S.O.F.A refers to the level of activity. Unless you do a lot of walking throughout the day, chances are you spend most of your day sitting in your office. Rather than wearing something more comfortable, you go for slightly impractical high heels if you have a desk job.

You should choose something with a flatter heel if you know you will be standing a lot or walking around a lot throughout the day.

The right outfit

The type of shoe people wear depends on their outfits. If you don't follow the mainstream, the opposite will happen. You need to decide what type of dress you will wear first. Wearing sweatpants with your high-end shoes will ruin them for sure.

It is always important to master the art of good fashion sense. If not, you will have to rely on other people's suggestions. Nevertheless, if someone's fashion sense is tasteful, following it is not wrong.

Creating the right impression begins with the right dress code. Regardless of how fancy or expensive the dress is, a poor choice of shoes can ruin it.

Ensure your shoes complement your clothes rather than outperform or underperform them. It's definitely not a good idea to wear black shoes with all-black attire to avoid looking like a black ninja. Decide whether you want to look professional or casual. A professional look is always appealing, even if it's not a party. But in case you are planning for a casual look, keep a pair of Black casual shoes for men handy.

Get loafer shoes for men with a moderately shaped toe

You can choose between squared toes and narrowly pointed toes, but neither is the best choice for dress shoes. Try to find a toe that strikes a balance between square and pointed. A toe with this shape will fit more outfits and look better overall.

A perfect shape does not exist. The key is to find something that seems to be balanced between the two extremes.

Choose shoes with a heel less than one inch high

The heel height of dress shoes varies, and there is a fine line between too high and just right. Aim for one inch, or even a bit lower. As a result, your footwear will appear to have a lifted heel, which will detract from your overall appearance.

Dress shoes usually have a heel, but some are totally flat at the bottom. Casual shoes with flat soles are fine, but formal or professional shoes should have heels.

For the best versatility, choose black shoes. Almost every color goes well with black, except brown. So you may try men's brown casual shoes only with light colors. But you will look best in black shoes if you have suits that are mostly black, gray, or blue in your wardrobe. Khaki pants or jeans can also be worn with black shoes.


If you can only buy one pair of shoes, choose black unless your suits are all brown or tan.

In case you're planning to wear your shoes most often, choose a pair with a smooth, somewhat shiny finish. You should have a pair of suede shoes in your collection, but not as your primary pair. Nevertheless, black shoes are a must-have for every occasion.

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