Everything you need to know about men’s tassel loafers

Men's shoes have been an integral part of every gentlemen's footwear collection. But all-time classic and evergreen shoes are the “loafers”. Loafers are also a type of men’s slip-on shoes that are typically crafted from leather or suede. If you do not want the hustle of tying laces, any complicated fastenings, or buckle closures, then loafers can be your saviors. They showcase a low-cut silhouette with a flat heel and a slender leather sole. The best part of loafers is their effortless slip-on nature. You can easily slide your foot in and out of this stylish yet comfortable shoe.

Today the time has changed and we live in a different world of fashion. That is why we have so many diverse types of loafers with an extensive palette of colors. This versatile footwear can effortlessly transition from a polished to a relaxed look within a minute. We all know that loafers have become an indispensable addition to every man's wardrobe. The good part is they are still evolving from a necessity to a coveted fashion choice. This evolution has given rise to men’s tassel loafers.


The tassel loafer, with its slight embellishments, represents a nuanced take on the classic loafer. While most of us consider them as the most casual among loafer styles, it ultimately depends on how you style them and other factors like construction, color, etc. This blog aims to brief you about tassel loafers including their history, style, and things to avoid while styling them.

History of tassel loafers

There are many stories and theories behind the rise of men’s tassel loafers but the frequently discussed story of the tassel loafer revolves around the sophisticated actor Paul Lukas. Lukas has a humble background from Hungary and he tries to reinterpret a traditional shoe style from his homeland. When he arrived in the USA, he approached a New York company and Morris Shoemakers in LA to turn his idea into reality. They took the existing penny loafer and put the leather strap with the tassels around the opening as part of the decoration. Eureka! That day both companies discovered the first-ever tassel loafer.

However, most Americans found the new fusion of tassel and loafer a little odd. Hence, tassel loafer struggled to find broad approval in business attire until the vibrant era of the 80s. Sir Roger Moore’s decision to sport these shoes in 1973 for his inaugural portrayal as Bond was a daring style statement. He ditched the conventional derbies and oxfords which were a style mark for 007 until he chose a forward-thinking choice. Since then tassel loafer has firmly cemented its place in the world of men’s footwear.

During the eighties, the tassel loafer reached its pinnacle of social acceptance. It then became the go-to footwear for Wall Street traders and affluent city lawyers.

Today, the tassel loafer is quietly experiencing a revival among fashion enthusiasts who appreciate its practicality, comfort, and slightly unconventional visual charm. The current trend in business casual attire, often referred to as the 'new normal,' embraces the refined simplicity of tassel loafers. This “normal” has led to a heightened demand for loafers and dress boots from various shoemakers. Tassel loafers offer a distinctive and timeless vibe which makes them an excellent choice for those who love to curate a well-rounded wardrobe.


What is the right way to wear tassel loafers?

Smart casual - Jeans and Sweatshirt

The best way to style tassel loafers is to opt for denim and sweatshirt. It's a safe option and no matter how many elements you add to this look, it will always come out great. It gives you a more sophisticated yet casual vibe. Just make sure to keep your denim on the shorter side.

Long, baggy pants are not a suitable match for loafers. On the other hand, washed, ripped, and selvage jeans are quite good options. You can aim for contrasting hues and ensure that the top and bottom halves of your outfit harmonize well. For example, get a black sweatshirt with light blue denim jeans. Then finish the look with brown tassel loafers to balance the contrast.

No too formal with Blazers

You have the freedom to pair both single-breasted and double-breasted blazers with tassel loafers. Just make sure you choose the bottom wisely such as jeans, slacks, or chinos. Yet, don't forget the importance of the right trouser length and a harmonious color palette. You can rock the look with a combination of fitted T-shirts and blazers with neutral chinos that create a formal air without veering into excessive flamboyance.

Never say no to KHAKIS

Cotton and Rayon chinos are a style of pants known for their typically light-colored hue and straight-leg fit. There is no doubt that you will achieve a stylish and polished appearance with these pants. But we suggest you have at least one pair of Khaki chinos and believe us, it will go with every type of loafer.

Khaki, cream, and blue chinos are popular bottom choices for tassel loafers. You can complete your look with chinos sans socks and a leather belt.


Things to avoid with tassel loafers

Extravagant casual outfits

Tassel loafers are more on the semi-casual side, so avoid pairing them with overly casual outfits like sac pants or baggy jeans. They work best with a smart-casual to semi-formal look like trousers and chinos.

Mismatched formality

Always consider the level of formality during any occasion. Tassel loafers might not be the best choice for extremely formal events like black-tie meetings. So reserve them for occasions where smart casual or business casual attire is appropriate.

Bad sock choice

The right pair of socks can change the tassel game but a bad pair can ruin your whole look. So avoid mismatched or overly casual socks that have flashy prints on them. Opt for dress socks that complement the color of your trousers.

We hope you got the overview of tassel loafers with our simple guide. If you want to browse the latest collection of men's tassel loafer, make sure to visit albertotorresi.com. They have a wide range of men’s footwear that includes sneakers, boots, derby, and much more.

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