#FREEYOURFEET – Get the perfect sandals this season with our easy guide!

It’s hard to believe that in a span of just a year, men’s sandals have evolved from being a lazy guy’s footwear to a must-have. Yes, WFH has surely changed our fashion game, not just that but also our lifestyle, making the least used item in our wardrobe an essential you can’t do without. 

Leather sandals are co-signed by style icons and when worn correctly, they give the perfect edge to your look. You can turn your most casual looks into the most coveted ones with these breezy sandals. 

It’s safe to say sandals do not go well with every occasion and outfit and it might leave some people confused whether it’s the right footwear to buy or not. It's either you look good in them or you don’t. For some, sandals could be tricky, but fret not, our guide here will take you through all the shackles that you may have about leather sandals. 

We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about the best and the most comfortable sandals for different types of feet.

Find out everything you need to know about men’s sandals and let the freedom wash over your feet !

  1. Which are the best sandals that can help prevent sweating?

Choosing the perfect sandals while struggling with sweaty feet is a struggle all of its own. Avoid going for too tight sandals as they are not just uncomfortable but also increase the chances that you’ll end up with sloshy, sweaty feet inside. Don’t let your footwear be a steamer and make sure your feet have enough breathing room. Check out these stylish blue nova casual slippers and bestow your feet with comfort all day long.


  1. Which are the best sandals for narrow feet?

For those who have narrow feet, wearing regular or medium fit footwear can cause irritations and blisters. Finding the perfect slipper for men with narrow feet is not easy, and most narrow style footwear are not that appealing. Sandals with adjustable straps are a great option as they can be tightened to relieve pressure on your toes. Alberto Torresi offers an excellent narrow fit, comfort, support and stylish appeal for men with narrow feet.


  1. Which are the best sandals for wide feet?

Trying to find that perfect wide sandals? Men with wide feet should consider sandals with either toe posts or open upper and side straps. These comfortable and well cushioned sandals provide supportive foot bed or insole. The fashion forward lightweight men sandals can take the wardrobe staple up a notch.


  1. Which sandals/ slippers can help prevent swelling?

When it comes to comfy slippers, these elevated cushioned Dave Men’s Bordo Slippers are everything that you need if you are suffering from swollen feet and ankles. They have been designed with strong arch support and padded straps that give you a comfortable fit. It’s not only easy to wear but also helps ease any swelling or fluid retention. You don’t have to worry about colors, as we’ve got you several vibrant color options with unique pattern design on the foot bed.  


  1. Which are the best sandals for arch support and plantar fasciitis?

People with plantar fasciitis should look for sandals that have a thicker and more cushioned sole. Your sandal should offer arch support and some flexibility in the midsole. This stylish sandal features a triple strap, which supports and molds to the foot for easy walking. The PU sole material makes this sandal super durable, so you can walk in ‘em all day long.


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