Shoes To Make An Impactful Entrance

Everyone one of us desires to have a kind of personality that creates a stir every time we step into room full of people. While personality is the key to have confidence, what many people do not recognize is that there are several other factors that contribute to it. These factors are both contributors in making you feel confident and are also markers of certain personality quirks and good self-esteem in an interdependent relationship. One of these factors is power dressing that includes an impressive choice of footwear and clothes that are well-fitted, clean and appropriate for the occasion. The latter part of power dressing is a discussion in its own right that we’ll take up on another day; however, there’s the former aspect of power dressing that we’ll be addressing here, i.e. , footwear.

Footwear is something that people notice first when they meet a new person. The reason behind this is simple- anyone who wears the right kind of shoes or occasion-appropriate shoes that sync well with the outfit and are clean, gives out the impression of being an alert, responsible and an organized person; a quality that many people admire and look for in a person they are interested in establishing an acquaintance with on a personal or professional level. So, in this blog, we thought of addressing this key element that can affect the impact you make on meeting someone and have curated a list of footwear options that guarantee a good impression. Read along and find out what you need to stock up on.

Formal Shoes

Formal shoes are a must have for both men and women. They are a sign that you are serious about your work and dedicated. Men should have a pair or two of formal shoes such as Oxford Shoes, Derby Shoes or Monk-Strap Shoes for wearing on formal dinners, board meetings and regular work days.

Alberto Torresi Men's Leather Toro Tan Double Monk Straps

Women’s formal shoes include court-shoes with decent heel or Pumps in neutral colors such as black, nude shades and brown. If you’re not comfortable wearing high heels, opt for the aforementioned shoes in kitten heels and they will serve the purpose for you quite well without harming your feet.

Leather Sneakers

Regular sneakers are passé now. Instead, in order to make even your casual outfits stand apart and impress your friends; get your hands on Leather Sneakers. Men’s casual shoes have the tendency to look shabby but leather sneakers look super chic and sleek. They are just as comfortable as regular casual shoes but stand high in their overall appeal.

Men’s casual shoes


Loafers are probably the most preferred semi-formal shoes right now and if you want to make a great impression and appear well put together on an evening out with friends or on a date, they are your best bet. Two sleek pairs in the colors black and brown will sort your semi-formal outings during daytime and evenings.

This brings us to the end of this small but important list. Having each one these pairs in your shoe closets will sort your footwear woes for formal as well as casual occasions wherein you’ll be able to slide your feet into the appropriate shoe. Now, get scrolling on your shopping apps and order the first shoe that catches your eyes to make a solid and impactful entrance wherever you go!

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