Top 5 Formal Shoes To Buy This Summer | For Men and Women

Summer is already knocking on your door. With lockdown restrictions lifted, people are getting ready for summer work. Although you can wear a comfortable pair of sneakers or supportive sandals with an entire wardrobe of summer outfits, there's nothing quite as satisfying as finding the perfect formal shoes. We may have spent the last two years rarely getting dressed up, but the return to formal events, office parties, and dinner dates mean you'll likely be looking for shoes that are elegant and elevated. Here are a few shoes suggestions for men and women.

Formal Shoes for men


Oxfords are classic and subtle formal shoes that would never go out of fashion. The first thing you should consider having in your closet is an oxford. Your most formal options can go with this style, especially when there are big work events or if you need to wear a tux. The oxford has a closed-throat construction, in which the leather on either side of the lace meets at the base, where they're stitched into the vamp, the leather that stretches down your instep and toward your toes. You can choose subtle colors in oxford such as brown, black, or navy blue.



Do not get misled by someone’s inaccurate guidance for brogues. People are not really aware of the difference between boots and brogues. These formal shoes are embellished with large pinpricks or heavy perforations. Because of the decorative addition, shoes that are technically another style, such as Oxfords, are often considered Brogues. Whether it's confusing or not, these shoes add a charm to your personality and provide extra grip at the ankle. Oxfords are quite versatile i.e. you can wear these with jeans, suits or even shorts.


Formal penny loafers

Loafers have been the popular choice by men for nearly a century. Thanks Italian fashion designers, they made it more popular today than ever before. It is well worth including formal loafers in your shoe collection since they are appropriate for a variety of social settings.

A variation of the shoe was also worn by fishermen in Northern Europe and some of them were worn by native Americans. With nine different styles of loafers, loafers are versatile slip-on footwear. For a smart-casual look, pair the dapper shoe with trousers, or shorts.


Unlike oxfords and brogues, Boots are the classic age-old formal shoes showcasing a slim design with a dressy look. Many people wear them today as a fashionable option since they have been in style since the Victorian era. Because of their high ankles, they are perfect for wearing during both the cold and warm weather. You cannot ignore this option as it is one of the footwear essentials that every man should own.



Have you heard of this type before? These shoes come under the semi-formal category. The right pair of shoes will go with just about any suit. The open-throat silhouette's parallel laces, as well as the leather over the vamp, work well with everything from jeans to tweed trousers.

Formal Shoes for women

Ladies loafers

Loafers are the most common and most popular type of slip-on. These types of formal shoes are by far the most popular and comfortable for women. Although loafers for ladies categorize under formal shoes, they tend to have a more stylish look than any other footwear.

With a bit more edge than dainty ballet flats, they are also timeless classic wears. An ever-so-slight lift at the heel characterizes the classic loafer, which is unisex and pared-back.

Casual loafers look great with jeans and khakis, and sockless with shorts during warm weather. These shoes are versatile enough to pair with jeans, jeggings, skirt, trousers or even dresses!

Ballet flats

You don’t have to be a ballerina fan to wear these shoes. These flats are elegant and classic, soft, and perfect for summer. They are more structured than the dance shoes they are inspired by. You can wear them with bodycon, midi-length dresses or pencil skirts. Since it's a very ubiquitous style, you'll find it in a variety of prices and colors.

Wear cropped trousers that show your ankles or wear dresses and skirts that are above the knee for an on-trend look. When wearing below-the-knee dresses or skirts, it is recommended that you choose loose, flowing skirts to complement your look.

Formal black leather shoes

Despite brown and navy shoes becoming increasingly trendy, black shoes remain a firm favorite with women - partly because they're so versatile. With so many styles available, choosing the right pair of black shoes isn't easy. It's simple! Go for the classic leather ones.

The color black goes with everything. No matter what your outfit is, black is an elegant and tried color that will not go out of style. If you just want a simple look, black shoes are a great choice.

Ankle boots

Footwear comes in a variety of heights and is often named according to the area they cover. Ankle boots, for example, are only designed to reach the ankle level. They are the advanced version of knee-length boots which makes them a perfect choice for summers.

Before 1804 ankle boots were made of satin and silk. Later, leather was used as a material for ankle boots, which is still popular today. These boots are now available in vibrant colors but black is quite popular.

Combat boots

The look of combat boots tends to be more casual than dressy, but they can be worn over tights or with bare legs tied tightly with a dress if the occasion calls for it. The majority of the time, however, they are worn loosely over skinny jeans, mom jeans, or Ponte leggings for a casual look. But you can also grab attention with formal attire such as trousers or long skinny skirts. 

If you want to switch to a semi-formal look then you can also cuff your jeans above the top of the combat boot.

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