Top 6 loafer designs suitable for summers

Loafers are synonymous with comfort. They rule the whole men’s footwear market with their warm-weather aesthetics and classy style. Loafers for men effortlessly combine the ease of slippers with the refined elegance of tuxedo shoes. Their versatility makes them the go-to slip-on option for men as they blend seamlessly into a variety of occasions.

If you are someone who avoids the hustle laces then loafers can become your best friends. They offer endless style options. Most fashion influencers treat loafers like understated sneakers. And why not? Have you noticed something about black loafers? Black loafers for men have the potential to complement everything from jeans to suits and even elevate a casual shorts look. That's the remarkable versatility of men’s loafers. With a diverse range of styles available, including driving shoes, dressy designs, and classic penny loafers, you're sure to find the perfect pair that suits your personal style.


Explore the world of men's loafers: Ideal summer footwear

It's probably that time of the year when you have to say goodbye to your winter footwear. As summer will reach its peak, you will need comfortable shoes. Well, winter styles certainly exude coolness but you can’t put your ankles in leather during the hot summers.

Thanks to loafers! They serve a parallel purpose in outfits. They will draw the charm of dress boots by effortlessly infusing a touch of refinement into an otherwise casual appearance.

Summer vibes and effortlessly comfortable loafers

When it comes to summer footwear, the loafer is the ultimate choice due to its lightweight and laid-back nature. Pair them with no-show socks (a wise choice) to grant your ankles and feet the freedom to breathe. You can pull up this look while enjoying their reduced weight compared to other shoe varieties. It makes them a breeze to wear in the sweltering heat.

Moreover, men's loafers provide the perfect canvas for embracing new, vibrant summertime hues. Don't be afraid to take a style leap with shades like teal, powder blue, olive green red suede, or even magenta.

If you've been searching for a shoe that encourages style experimentation, your quest ends here. Regardless of your loafer selection, you'll always hit the mark. We have compiled 6 essential loafers that are perfect for summer. These shoes carry a rich history which makes them undeniably the quintessential choice for warm weather.

Horsebit loafers

This loafer has an interesting story. Ever heard of Aldo Gucci? Yes, you guessed it right, he is the renowned Italian designer and founder of Gucci. He introduced these remarkable men's loafers to the world. He wanted to distinguish them from other loafers. It is said that he loved his horses and that became his inspiration to create a new type of loafer.

Firstly, Gucci crafted these loafers in a sleek black hue. However, the most significant innovation lay in the addition of a metal horse bit accent in place of the traditional penny keeper. It's these distinctive elements that give horse bit loafers a touch of sophistication.

Belgian loafers

How can we forget about the Belgian loafers? Back in 1954, Henri Bendel made a significant move by acquiring two 300-year-old factories in Belgium. His innovative creation was a men's loafer featuring a charming small bow elegantly sewn onto the upper part.

This loafer quickly captivated hearts and became an overnight sensation. Today this loafer has been featured in many fashion weeks. You can get tons of colors in Belgian loafers that can be worn with a pair of jeans or chinos.

Penny loafers

We can’t skip the classic penny loafer. It is a symbol of timeless comfort and tradition that embodies effortless sophistication. Its roots trace back to the 1930s, but it truly gained prominence in the 1950s. Some speculate that children used to slip pennies into the distinctive slot on the shoe.


You can get these loafers in classic shades such as grey, espresso, burgundy, black, white, and brown. Why is penny loafer best suited for summers? It is simply adaptable, and an undeniably handsome footwear option for anyone.

Driving loafers

Driving shoe is a European sporty brother of loafers. These loafers have a distinctive pebbled outsole which gives you a little extra traction. Whether you're a race car enthusiast or a lazy scooter rider, this loafer is a valuable addition to your wardrobe. Driving loafers have the potential to combine a relaxed vibe and summery flair. If you're in search of loafers to conveniently slip on by the front door for quick trips to the shops, driving a loafer should be your choice.

Snaffle loafers

Very few people know about snaffle loafers. It all started during the late 60s when the snaffle loafer was commonly called the Gucci Loafer. This unique design featured a gleaming brass strap adorning the front, mimicking the appearance of a horse's snaffle bit. These loafers are becoming the go-to work/casual shoes in warm weather since they have a simple formal look.


Let us not assume that slippers are only worn inside the house. Slipper loafers have surged in popularity recently and it's easy to see why. These shoes not only deliver exceptional comfort but also add a classy aura with their slip-on design, sturdy leather sole, subtle heel, and creative uppers. They offer a fantastic alternative to conventional dress shoes.

How to wear loafers in the summer?

You can pair loafers well with seersuckers, and even seersucker suits. However, they aren't a suitable match for double-breasted suits unless it's a seersucker. No this is a quite traditional way to style loafers and applicable to most formal settings.

But remember that summer is in full swing. So it is obvious that we will go out and enjoy some summer vibes. In such scenarios, casual loafers effortlessly complement denim, khakis, and sockless shorts. For a laid-back look, opt for jeans and a white t-shirt or you can try a black shirt and khaki chinos for a slightly more semi-casual look.

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