Top ten outfits to style with black casual shoes

Black is not just a color, it's an emotion for many guys. This color has been used for generations as a symbol of status, royalty, and class. Today it has transcended to different forms but it stands as the kingpin in footwear collection. Men’s black casual shoes are particularly getting attention all over the globe.

A pair of black men's shoes are quite adaptable for both formal and casual events. Their timeless appeal and the distinctive capability to harmonize with various outfits make them an irresistible wardrobe choice for modern men. The understated yet distinctive design of black casual shoes has the power to transform an ordinary look into something extraordinary. But how would you choose the right outfit for these shoes? Can you style your men’s black casual shoes for formal occasions? This article answers all your questions and briefs about different outfits that seamlessly complement any style.

What are casual black shoes?

Before we move ahead, let us first decode the meaning of black casual shoes. Casual black shoes are but not limited to informal shoes that are comfortable in every season. What types of shoes come under this category? Four main types: Boat shoes, Loafers, Moccasins, and Sneakers.

Firstly, you need to decide whether you want a professional look or a casual appearance. If your attire includes a black shirt and black pants, then there is no point in styling it with sneakers. In such cases, only Moccasins can help you.

On the other hand, if you're sporting a casually stylish black shirt or t-shirt, considering black sneakers makes sense. We will try to avoid this confusion and present you with both formal as well as casual outfit options for all types of black casual shoes.


  • Black penny loafers

Penny loafers unquestionably hold a prime position among classic shoe designs for men. These versatile shoes showcase timeless sophistication and style. That is why they are a wardrobe essential for every man.

#1 Casual outfit

For a casual appearance, consider pairing them with light-colored chinos or slim-fit jeans. You can choose a pastel or light-colored full-sleeved T-shirt. We suggest you a polo shirt and slim-fit jeans to embrace minimalism.

#2 Formal outfit

If you want to style penny loafers formally, start with a well-fitted, tailored suit in a classic color such as navy, charcoal, or black. Opt for a dress shirt in a white or cream shade. When it comes to penny loafers, choose a high-quality leather pair with a little shine. You can deck up your well-polished black penny loafers with a three-piece suit.

Complete the look with subtle accessories such as a leather belt that matches the loafers and a classic watch. This combination reflects a refined and formal aesthetic. Nobody would guess that you are wearing casual footwear with formal attire. That is why penny loafers are a suitable choice for business meetings, formal events, or any occasion that demands a sophisticated dress code.

  • Black Sneakers

When you want to go for an all-rapper look, black sneakers come to the rescue. You can easily craft stylish looks using these casual shoes. These black fashion sneakers have emerged as the symbol of hip-hop culture. These sneakers provide the perfect base to lift up your style.


# 3 Casual outfit

Whether it's a lazy Sunday morning brunch or a day out with your school friends, you can get a perfect street-style look with black sneakers. Get your favorite shorts and a dark-shade hoodie to pair with black sneakers.

#4 Formal outfit

It’s a little challenging to create a black-tie outfit with black sneakers. Instead, you can try achieving semi-formal attire with a simple navy trouser and a black shirt. You can add a grey jacket to create a more sophisticated look. We suggest you pair subtle accessories such as a leather belt wristwatch and a sleek belt that balances your overall outfit. This semi-formal look is well-suited for casual Fridays at the office, formal parties, or award ceremonies.

  • Black moccasins

Black moccasins reflect a timeless and refined charm that remains evergreen. These shoes effortlessly combine sophistication with a touch of practicality.

#5 Casual outfit

You can pair them with well-fitted denim jeans or chinos. Keep the look relaxed by opting for a comfortable and stylish t-shirt or a casual button-down shirt. If the weather allows, throw on a light jacket or a denim jacket for an extra layer of coolness. Moccasins are quite comfortable footwear so you can wear them on any leisurely day out. You can also experiment with sockless styling to give it a more relaxed vibe. Complete this casual look with some minimal accessories like a wristwatch or a leather bracelet.

#6 Formal outfit

You can create an effortlessly refined look with a double breasted blue suit with black moccasins. If you want to level up the sophistication, coordinate the tie color and match your accessories.

  • Black bit loafers

You can get all the attention from the crowd when you compliment your attire well with black casual shoes. The list of casual shoes would be incomplete if we did not talk about black-bit loafers. As we discussed penny loafers at the beginning, you may ask what’s the difference between both of them? The penny loafer is defined by a strap with a wide slit running across the top of the vamp, while the bit loafer showcases a miniature metal horse bit ornament across the vamp.


#7 Casual outfit

Bit loafers are made for casual looks. You can pair them with plain black pants and a navy sweatshirt. This combination maintains a tidy appearance while still drawing attention. This outfit is versatile enough for casual outings, socializing with friends, or even on a date. It's important to note that this entire scheme is most effective with luxurious color options like glossy black casual shoes.

#8  Formal outfit

You can infuse a formal touch into your look while wearing men's casual black loafers. Select tailored trousers or chinos in a neutral color such as charcoal, navy, or grey. Pair them with a complementary shade shirt or a classic white dress shirt. Add a blazer or a suit jacket to elevate the formality of the look. When it comes to the loafers, choose a polished black leather pair with a sleek design.

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