Trendiest brogues every man should own - 2023

The shift in seasons has also prompted a transformation in our clothing choices. Given the prevailing humidity, you must be considering some significant changes in your footwear choices. We must not compromise on foot comfort during humid summers.

Whether it's a cloudy monsoon or terrifying summer, life goes on…you will be having meetings, outdoor work, travel trips, etc. but it's not a good idea to expose your well-kept dress shoes to these conditions. This is where men’s brogues come into play, offering excellent ventilation through their distinctive perforations. Thus, when the occasion calls for sophisticated yet comfortable formal footwear, opting for brogue shoes mens emerge as an appealing choice. Notably, they effortlessly enhance your appearance with a touch of contemporary style.

Alberto Torresi Genuine Leather Black Brogue Shoes

When it comes to making tailored suits look fabulous, opt for brogues, and oxford brogues. These are some of the best options that go well with formal as well as semi-formal settings.

So let us dive deep into the discussion of the trendiest brogues every man should own:

Black wingtip

Widely renowned and iconic, wingtips showcase ornamental wing-shaped extensions resembling the letters M or W, adorning a perforated toe-cap. Distinctive, fashionable, and adaptable, these footwear essentials should be in the wardrobe of every fashion-forward gentleman.

Black colour in this type is ideal for both daily formal and semi-formal ensembles. You can opt for black for strictly formal events, and embrace grey or brown hues for a semi-formal aesthetic. For a relaxed and casual appearance, consider pairing contrasting colours.

Genuine Leather Brogue Slip On Shoes

Undoubtedly the epitome of versatility among brogues, the right choice of wingtips can effortlessly complement a wide array of outfits.

How to style Black wingtip brogues?

You can elevate your style with black wingtip brogues with different outfits. For a business-ready appearance, match them with a charcoal or navy suit, accompanied by a white dress shirt and a coordinating black leather belt. Attending a formal event? Pair these brogues with a tuxedo or sleek black suit, enhanced by a crisp white dress shirt and a black bow tie. For a smart casual ensemble, fuse slim-fit dress pants in grey or navy with patterned dress shirts, or opt for a relaxed yet refined look by combining them with dark jeans or chinos and a well-fitted blazer. Experiment with colour through bold socks or shoelaces, and infuse personality with colourful pocket squares.

Longwing Brogue Shoes

In contrast to wingtips or full brogues, longwings feature wingtip detailing that extends along the entire length of the shoes and converges at the heel counter at the rear. Their appearance leans toward a more classic aesthetic.

Save these men’s brogues for events with stringent dress codes, such as weddings, as they are quintessential dress shoes exuding a distinctly formal aura. However, exercise caution when considering them for meetings or similar ostensibly formal gatherings, as they might verge on being overly formal for office attire.

How to style longwing brogues?

It's time to embrace the timeless sophistication of Longwing Brogue Shoes by crafting them with your style. Pair them with a black suit (but make sure you don’t end up as men in black characters). You can also opt for a semi-formal look by combining them with dress trousers and a complementary shirt. Transition into casual elegance with denim or chinos and pair them with a lightweight sweater or a turtle-neck T-shirt. Add a dash of creativity with coloured socks or patterned vests, or explore monochromatic modernity by coordinating pants and shirts. Try to inject vibrancy through unique accessories like a leather belt with intricate design.

Half Brogue

These are regarded as vintage brogues. Simply, these semi-brogue or half-brogue shoes possess an inherent old-school charm. When you artfully combine them, these men’s brogues can exude a contemporary flair. Displaying punched decorative perforations along the toe caps but without the extended wings, they offer a distinctive subtlety.

Opt for an amalgamation of this brogue style with a loafer for men to infuse a touch of informality into your attire. This hybrid approach seamlessly suits semi-casual occasions, including outings like a date, where sophistication meets relaxation.

Be careful when selecting a pair and avoid excessive extensions that might introduce an element of visual disorderliness into your ensemble.

Alberto Torresi Black formal Brogue Shoes

How to style half brogues?

You can effortlessly fuse classic sophistication with a contemporary edge when styling half-brogue shoes. Opt for a casual smart look by pairing them with well-fitted chinos or dress trousers along with a relaxed low-shoulder shirt or fine-knit sweater. To blend formality, match these shoes with a tailored suit in complementary tones, adding a dress shirt and tie for a touch of refinement. Embrace mixed styles by combining half brogues with loafers or derbys for a balanced approach suited for dates or semi-casual occasions. Or you can elevate your look with patterned socks, subtle shirt patterns, or neutral colour minimalism, and don't forget to experiment with striking visual effects. Complete your look with well-chosen accessories like a watch, leather briefcase, or tie bar to achieve a polished and versatile appearance.

Blind Brogue

A blind brogue shoe showcases broguing details akin to wingtips or full brogues, excluding the decorative perforations on the toe cap. This minimalist variation exudes remarkable versatility and simplicity. In terms of formality, they rank as the most casual among brogues, effortlessly complementing an array of outfits from your wardrobe. However, it's advisable to steer clear of pairing these with ethnic wear and strictly formal or party attire.

How to style blind brogues?

Level up your game with blind brogues and create a casual vibe like never before. For a smart-casual vibe, pair them with tan or olive-colored chinos and add a crisp printed shirt. But be a little cautious about a business-casual appeal as you need trousers with darker tones and a tailored blazer. Layered sophistication can be achieved through navy-blue blazers or jackets. However, consider pairing blind brogues with tailored shorts and lightweight linen shirts during warmer days.

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