Versatility of a Loafer

What is a Loafer Shoe?

Loafers are a type of lace-less shoes, which are essentially low shoes, i.e. the ankle is exposed, and they do not wrap snugly around the ankle. Another major distinctive feature of a pair of loafers is that they have a separate sole, a low heel, and sometimes loafers feature a piece of leather across the vamp, which is known as a saddle.

Loafers vs Moccasins

  1. Loafers have a heel and a moccasin does not.

  2. All loafers have a separate sole whereas this does not go the same way for most moccasins.

  3. Loafers lack embroidery, beaded decorations or other ornamentation on the uppers, unlike moccasins.



A pair of slip-on's that possibly make the most versatile & style full shoe of our times, loafers are the classic footwear of our era. These are easy to wear and comes with a flexibility to be able to dress up or dress down both, with just this one fine shoe. The assorted range of materials the make of this shoe offers are suede and leather in a disparate collection of variations. For the same reason, it is imperative to style these shoes exceptionally well with your get-
Let's move ahead with our guide to wearing and knowing the loafers just right!


This shoe is a staple that is here to stay. You shouldn't think twice before investing in this shoe style, due to its versatility. These are minimalistic shoes that can be adaptable for both formal and casual looks. For an everyday formal get-up a pair of leather loafers can work just fine, also these won't pinch a casual attire either. So these make the best choice to invest in if you haven't already bought one for yourself.

A good pair of loafers can lift your outfit while a bad pair that doesn't gel. well, can drag it down. So coordinating the colors of your footwear is the hey wearing loafers. Try to analyze the outfits' overall look to either dark or light and accordingly chose the same shoe color.

For a dressy affair, like special occasions, parties, and functions, where you pre-decide your outfit, a pair of suede loafers and pigmented colors could be the cherry on the cake.

You would want to do justice to these worthwhile additions to your wardrobe so that they perfect your outfits for all occasions. With a pair of perfect Loafers you can never feel out of place, so head over to Alberto Torressi's website and get grabbing already!

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