1. All tips and donations as a part of our endeavor to donate on behalf of our valued customers shall be made every 15 days as one cycle post receipt of the same from our customers at 

2. In case of tips received via COD orders, since we will receive the tipping amount from our logistic partner after 15-20 days from the date of donation by the customer, we shall remit the cumulative donation in the 15 days cycle when we receive the tipping amount from our logistic partner. 

3. In case of Return/Refund of the orders in which tips have been made, only the item(s) in the order are eligible for the refund and not the tipping amount made. All Return/Refund terms will prevail as general. Refer: 

4. In case of cancellation of prepaid orders where tips have been made, only amount cumulating for orders to the items value shall be refunded along with Shipping or other charges but not the tipping amount. '

We sincerely thank you for your contribution and every small contribution is a huge step in strengthening our fight against COVID-19.