10 Things We All Hate About Partywear Shoes

  1. When We Have to Go Shoe Shopping

Let’s face it. It’s easier to get a guy to go to the dentist than it is to take him shopping! That said, shoe shopping for party shoes can often be tedious and boring. Among the top complaints we hear from our friends, husbands, fathers and brothers is that the assortment of partywear shoes and sizes available in stores is limited.

  1. When We Have to Go Shoe Shopping to the Mall with Your Wife on a Weekend

What could be worse than shoe shopping? You got it! Don’t we see harassed men at the mall with their bossy wives at the over-crowded mall on the weekend? Next time you see one of them, smile and whisper these magic words to them ‘Online shopping at Alberto Torresi’.

  1. When We Have to Deal with ‘Know-It-All’ Sales People

When we look for a pair of party shoes we look for a combination of style and comfort. Often we need to take into account other factors like wide feet, corns and calluses (caused by other poor quality shoes) and of course the suit that the shoes have to match. Sadly in shops we often find that salespeople work with an agenda and don’t bring us what we want. They always try to push old stock or the most expensive shoes for men on us.

  1. When Have to Try On More Than 2 Pairs of Shoes

Yes it can be a pain for our feet! Bending over to tie your laces on one pair. Then taking them off and trying on a second pair with a shoe horn....then another pair of narrow, pointed shoes which hurt your feet. Why go through all this when you can easily be sitting in front of the computer at home with a chilled drink looking at the wide variety of Alberto Torresi shoes online.

  1. When After Going to 5 Shoe Shops You don’t Find Your Size

Designer shoes for men must be both comfy and fashionable. Often the patterns that we like in our mens fashion shoes are have a tapered design and a heel so we may need a larger size to ensure comfort. In such cases its best to check out the wide selection of shoes at our online store. Remember Alberto Torresi not only has the best shoes but customer-friendly COD and exchange policies.

  1. When We Have to Break In Our New Shoes

This even the master-cobblers at Alberto can’t help you with! There is inevitably a little bit of discomfort when you wear your partywear shoes for the first time. But fear not, Alberto Torresi’s ‘Stressless Concept’ and ‘Memory Technology’ will ensure that your feet are happy feet at their very first outing.

  1. When You Find Your Expensive Shoes are on Sale

Yes, this is any shopper’s nightmare! After all that effort of going to the crowded mall on the weekend with the wife, dealing with annoying salespeople and you find that you’re favourite Alberto shoes are on sale online.

  1. When You Find Your Costly Italian Designer Shoes aren’t as Good as Alberto Shoes

We could say ‘We told you so.’...but we care about our customers so we won’t! Next time you need a pair of luxury mens shoes look online at Alberto for the best of Italian designs and exclusive hand-crafting.

  1. When You Have to Get Expensive Dress Shoes for a Shaadi

Make sure you find a pair of sandals or loafers that are both comfortable and chic. You will also need to match the shoes to your kurta-pajama, sherwani or south-Indian veshti. So to avoid any confusion order mens designer slippers online a few weeks before the event. We deliver in a week’s time and which gives you plenty of time to exchange your shoes after trying them on with all your shaadi outfits in the comfort of home. Imagine carrying all these outfits to the shoe store!

  1. When You Realise After All That Effort and Expense You’ve Only Worn Your Expensive Mens Shoes Once!

If you buy a pair of Alberto shoes we guarantee you that you will get value for your investment. Using only the finest of leather, emplying new technologies to ensure the comfort and health of your feet and hand-crafted by trained artisans, Alberto Torresi has the best range of formal shoes for men online. We guarantee that you will never want to take them off!

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