Have you asked yourself if three pairs of shoes are too many? Four? Five? Twelve? The truth is – and we’ve checked with Imelda Marcos – you can never really have too many expensive mens shoes! Why? Just read on...

  1. Because Naturally, Good Shoes Impress Hot Women!

If it’s one thing we at Alberto Torresi know after all these years of making the best leather shoes for men, it’s that the ladies appreciate expensive mens shoes. Whether you meet your next crush wearing a pair of good formal shoes at the office or a slick pair of Italian leather shoes at a trendy night club we guarantee you ugly shoes are not going to get you the girl of your dreams. Think about it – from Cinderella to Carrie Bradshaw its all the shoes for chicks and this is the best excuse for you to check out online shoe stores.


  1. Because We Need Different Shoes for Different Jobs

We need to wear formal shoes to the office, dress shoes to a fancy sangeet, brown desert boots to hike, sports shoes to tennis...the list of shoes for men is endless. Though many may be surprised by this, there are hundreds of different types of shoes for men; just as many as there are for women! And take our word for it for Alberto Torresi knows best - it’s imperative that you chose the correct pair of mens shoes for the right occasion.

  1. Because Foot Comfort is Important

We need comfortable shoes with great ergonomics because even if we don’t realise it – our hardworking feet are almost literally on their toes all day and need some looking after. Poor quality and cheap footwear first results in superficial though uncomfortable injuries like calluses, corns and blisters. But continue wearing them and the list of injuries

will increase to more serious lacerations, twists and sprains. Not to mention how the lack of arch support is directly linked to accidents and falls, and this can break your bones!


  1. Because We Need to Match our Belts to our Shoes to our Socks

A polka-dot pair of neon green socks is a great fashion statement. But unless you work in the fashion industry or from home it really isn’t the kind of style statement most offices want you to make! Remember these basic but cardinal rules of power dressing for the office. Your belt must match your shoes and your socks. So opt for a pair of formal black shoes for your daily wear. Choose a pair of high end dress shoes for a black-tie event to go with your formal suit; again black is your best bet. Another great investment in your formal wardrobe is high quality loafers in brown or tan which you can wear to work on ‘Casual Fridays’. If you live in a part of the world that gets cold in winter be sure to add a pair of suede ankle boots and a nice pair of black boots for men to your footwear collection. Boots are not just style statements – they serve the all-important purpose of keeping your toes warm!

  1. Because We Need to Dance the Night Away at our Best Friend’s Wedding

Look for the most comfortable dress shoes you can find for your best pal’s wedding. There will be plenty of errands for you to run, not to mention pretty cousins of the bride to impress so choose the best mens loafers you can find. Word to the wise – unless it’s a beach wedding avoid the ubiquitous mens beach sandals. Instead try and find a great pair of mens dress sandles in a neutral hue like tan or cream (yes, cream to match with your shewani).


  1. Because We Need to Support Local Footwear Artisans and our Nation’s GDP

And last but not the least high-quality leather footwear for men from Alberto Torresi is hand-crafted by our artisan partners in our head factories in Agra. India has a rich tradition of footwear embellishment and this art must not be lost to poor machine-made substitutes.  Also, lest we forget, what we pay for a pair of high quality loafers or a pair of designer sneakers for men adds to the GDP of our country. Jai Hind and happy shopping!


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