How to choose wedge heels ?

If you are a heel-lover but want something more comfortable and easier to walk in than stilettos, then wedge heels are the right pick for you. Unlike platform heels wherein the heel sits at one end of the shoe, wedges have even base along the shoe length from its back to the front.

Being a foot-friendly and stylish shoe, wedge heels are very popular. They, however, like most other types of footwear, do not complement all outfits. Everyone can find a perfect fit, if the wedges are chosen carefully. When selecting wedges, here’s what you should consider:


Wedges are generally considered as casual footwear. They match really well with wrap dresses, jeans, skirts, shorts, and some jumpsuits. But you can also opt for wedges for formal occasions, including weddings, if they are extremely pretty and have a polished look to them.

Height of the Heels

Wedges are available in a variety of heights. Right from the almost flat 1-2” to the ultra trendy 4” and more, there’s one for every dress and look. There’s a simple rule for the heel height – lower the heel, the more casual it’ll appear and higher the heel, the trendier it is.

Low 1-2” height shoes will be just right for the casual afternoon look, paired with denim skirts or shorts. For a more chic look, you could also go for slightly higher heels up to 2-3”. Height more than 3-4” will work well for an evening look.

Design of the Heels

Choosing the design and style of the wedges completely depends on your purpose of investing in them. If you want the pair of shoes to be used with a number of outfits, go for a simple design in a neutral shade. Peep toe, Espadrilles, leather, and closed pump foot are a few timeless minimalistic wedge styles. Moreover, if you want to create a style-statement with your wedges, you could go for a crafted design and select a brighter color to draw attention to the piece.


Certain heel styles are more comfortable than the others; the selection amongst them totally depends on your personal choice. Wedge heels with straps are usually more comfortable than the slip-on variety. Again, wedges with length lower or upto the ankle will be easier to walk in than the ones designed higher than the ankle.

Shape of the Heels

Select heels according to the scale and size of your ankles and legs. Chunky heels look better on thick legs/ankles and slimmer heels on slim ankles/legs. For skinny ankles, wearing chunky heels will make them look even skinnier, so avoid those.

Color of the Heels

Neutrals are ideal if you intend to pair your wedges with a variety of outfits. For select occasions and dresses, go for a bright-piece like red, yellow, pink, or orange. Dazzling shades tend to draw attention to the wearer’s legs.

Besides specific sundresses or select outfits, you could also team bright-colored wedges with neutral clothing shades. For example, a red pair of heels works brilliantly with a simple white-tee and basic denim jeans.

To sum up, wedge heels are the right selection for a choice of outfits. And if chosen correctly, they will add the requisite glamour and style to your dress. So, choose wisely!

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