Leather Boots for Women : 7 Ways to Wear Them

Leather boots are clothing essentials that can be found in a majority of women’s closets. From the most popular knee-length ones to the ankle-length and Chelsea variety, every woman has an all-time favorite from these, with black boots and brown boots being the most common of all.

If you too own a pair and are thinking about the various dresses you can match them with, here are seven ways to wear boots and tips to keep your outfit balanced.  Following is a description of outfits that match best with the knee-length leather boots for women:

#1: Jeans

The easy and classic style! Club your leather boots with a pair of well-fitted jeans in any shade of blue. Complete the look with a knit top or any other top that’s slightly longer. Also, avoid wearing loose jeans with boots. They might be very comfortable, but do not complement these shoes.

#2: Colored Jeans

With the trend for colored jeans being in these days, surely you must be having a pair too. Choose a darker shade to go with your boots, instead of bright, neon colors. It will help in creating a lean look by blending the color with the shoes.

#3: Patterned Pants

Another ‘in’ trend for the season – patterned pants. Club them with an oversized top in a neutral shade, ideally brown, white, or black. Add accessories such as a brightly colored necklace. This will help focus attention to your face rather than the pattern on your legs.

#4: Dress

You could go for a dress of any color. However, it will be ideal if you opt for a neutral color in a darker tone. Wear a scarf around the neck to set off the bulky shoes with the outfit. Also, there should be bare space between the hem of your dress and the boots.

#5:  Pencil Skirt

A conventional yet classy approach – pencil skirts look great with leather boots for women. However, take care about the proportions. Make sure the top and skirt are both well-fitted and that there is a difference of several inches between the skirt and boots. The boots and skirt shouldn’t touch.

#6: A-Line Skirt

Another great choice! Go for a lighter shade of skirt and a darker shade of top. This will help balance out the colors of your outfit. Again, ensure there is space between the hem of the skirt and the top of the boots. Skirts which are right at the knee or slightly higher will be perfect.

#7: Leggings

Match the leggings with a tunic or free-flowing oversized top. Go for softer shades in straight line patterns. Choose a dark shade like black for the leggings, as it will help create a long leg line. Even without any accessories, this look will be chic and clean.

Concisely, leather boots for women are a wardrobe-essential. They can be balanced with a number of clothes, look stylish, and are very comfortable too. So get a pair for yourself if you already don’t have one!

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