The Ultimate Guide to Block Heels

A very popular trend witnessed in 2014, block heels continue to be most women’s favorite footwear. Practical, functional, and comfortable, these shoes are one of the wardrobe essentials. Below is a complete guide on the what, why, and how of the blocks.

What are block heels?

Most of the heeled shoes like Stilettos, Kittens, Commas, Platforms, and Pumps have heels with a narrow base. The wearer’s feet rest on slender heels that have a small holding area.

Contrary to this most common style, block heels have thick width. The projected heel covers most of the ankle area of the shoe. Because the heel is a large piece, these shoes are also referred to as chunky heels.

What types of heels are available?

Chunky heels are available in a variety of designs, styles, shades, and heights. The height can range from the ½-1” heel to 5-6” length; the styles can vary from pumps, ankle-strap, and sling-back to Espadrille, boots and peep-toes.

As for the designs and shades, you can get everything from neutrals to glitters, one-shade to multi-shade, matt finished to glossy, and basic to designer shoes.

Who should/When to Opt for Block Heels?

Chunky heels are mainly for women who wish to wear heeled-shoes in a more comfortable yet stylish way. Because the heel area is wide in this footwear, it is much more comfortable than the conventional heels and can be worn for a long period of time without hurting the feet.

This is the reason why these heels are the preferred choice of most women over 40, and younger girls who want to wear heels for a number of hours consecutively.

What to Consider When Selecting?

Following are a few fashion tips that you must consider when selecting and purchasing chunky heels:

  • Medium blocks are a must have: These make you appear taller and thinner. The added height brings elegance to your outfit and positively transforms your body language, without bearing the pain of the heel.
  • Choose wide-base low height heels: When opting for a low heighted pair of blocks, choose the one with wider, chunkier, and squarer heels. These shoes can replace your flats and will be equally comfortable and easy to walk-in. These will, however, look more graceful than most flats.
  • Sling back heels are ideal: Perfect for evenings and parties, sling-back heels are the ideal replacement for stilettos, especially if they have pointed toes. They’ll make your legs look long and your feet feel comfortable.
  • Go for new patterns: Gloss finish, multi-shades, frills/bows at the front, or crystals on the heel, are some patterns that will accentuate your look. Such shoes will add style to your outfits and help avoid a dull appearance.

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