7 Cool Ideas for Pairing Ankle Boots with Outfits

Ankle Boots, a very versatile piece of footwear, has become a wardrobe staple for most women. These boots, covered up to the ankle, are comfortable, look chic, give a stylish appeal to your dress and can match with a number of outfits.

Owing to the increasing popularity of ankle boots, they are now available to match a wide range of tastes and preferences. From flat base to heeled, from neutral shades to bright tones, from chunky to slim, from leather to other materials – you surely can find your perfect fit.

Here are seven ideas on pairing your boots with different outfits for varied occasions:

#1: Tuck in the Leggings

The simplest approach is to tuck in your leggings into the boots. Leggings give a long, lean look to the legs. Complete the look with a knit-top or an oversized tee. Make sure the colors of your leggings and boots offset; neutral shade leggings with bright shoes and vice-versa.

#2: Roll up the cuff of the Jeans

Roll up the hem of your skinny jeans up to the height of the boots. Cuffing jeans above the ankle also gives the perception of added height. You could also leave a little gap between the shoes and jeans’ end and allow the ankle to slightly show through.

#3: Team tights with pencil skirts

Create a monochromatic balanced look for your legs by teaming tights with boots and a pencil skirt. Go for the same shade of boots and tights; brown boots with brown tights, black boots with black tights and skirt. Equalize with a patterned or bright colored top.

#4: Club Socks with midi-skirts

With a fitted top and midi-skirt, boots match well. Take a step further and add neutral-shade visible socks to the look. Take care that your socks don’t stand out too much. Choose a shade that matches with your skin tone.

#5: Offset a dress

For a casual and fun style, pair your boots with a dress. Make sure that the hem of your dress is above the knees. Long dresses with boots look clumsy. A dress slightly above the knee-level will make the leg line appear longer.

#6: Accessorize scarves with Shorts

Denim shorts look really cute with a pair of boots. The long leg line levels any bright colors or patterns that you might add to stylize. Accessorize with a scarf to complete the look. You could go for a neutral shade outfit with bright shoes and scarf or vice-versa. Depending on the weather, you can also include tights to this ensemble.

#7: Break rules with a maxi dress

Contrary to popular belief, some long dresses can also work well with ankle boots. A maxi dress is one of them. Pair your boots with a maxi dress, accessorize with hat/glasses/smaller jewelry.  Elaborated patterns or many colors do not look gel with the boots. Wear simple, basic shades.

Wrapping up, boots reaching up to the ankle can be matched with a number of outfits and can set off with a variety of styles. Try these ideas for a completely refreshing look.

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