Why invest in a Shoe?

True, shoes are not just one of the most noticeable accessories you adorn; they are also the defining pieces of your style, personality, and attitude. By convention, women are perceived to be obsessed with footwear; however, in today’s age, it is important for men and women both to judiciously spend on good shoes. Want to know why? Check out the top 3 reasons as to why invest in a shoe:

Shoes Define Your Personality and Style

Your dress, including your clothes and shoes, signifies what your identity is and how you feel about yourself. Similar to the hairstyle and colors you opt for, your footwear gives a sneak peek into your attitude towards life, your way of thinking, and the person you are.

Shoes serve a practical purpose, but also provide nonverbal cues about the wearer’s personality. Colorful footwear is the general choice of extroverts; shoes that are not new but appear spotless belong to the conscientious types; practical and functional shoes are generally owned by agreeable people; shabbier and less expensive shoes belong to liberal thinkers.

Invest in footwear that projects the ideas you believe in your mind. If you believe in simplicity with strength, go for plain, basic colors having straight designs. If you’re fun-loving and experimental, try the newer trends with bold shades.

Shoes Create an Impression

Shoes speak. Yes, you heard it right! Just by looking at the shoes that you are wearing, a person can judge 90% of your personality traits. Surprising it may sound but this concept was proved by researchers at the University of Kansas and is seconded by psychologists around the world.

The study explained that by examining the style, color, cost, and condition of the shoe, a person can easily assess the wearer’s age, social status and personality traits such as agreeableness, openness, emotional stability, and conscientiousness and even whether the person is an introvert or extrovert, and is conservative or liberal.

Hence, invest in a shoe which defines your personality best and matches with the perception you want to leave in the mind of the other people. Remember: your impression on people is created not just by your words and dress, but by your shoes too. Choose them wisely.

Shoes Complete the Look

Still wondering, why invest in a shoe? Because your footwear can complete or decimate your entire look. You can wear expensive or inexpensive clothes, but as long as you club them with a pair of quality shoes, you will shine. On the other hand, a perfectly-styled outfit will be spoiled if matched with a pair of shabby shoes.

A basic styling tip: ensure that you own a pair of shoes with every different design of outfit. Like there are distinct outfits for various occasions, same way different types of footwear work with different ensembles – casual, jeans, formal, party-wear, beach-wear etc.

To conclude, the answer to the question - why invest in a shoe - is simple: Footwear reflects your personality, creates your perception in other people’s minds, completes your styling look, and thereby, transforms your body language & gives you a confident attitude. To quote Christian Louboutin again, “A shoe has so much more to offer than just to walk”.

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