Style Guide: 3 Types of Outfits That Go With Loafers for Men

From a structured formal style to a smart casual look, loafers can offer multiple expressions and complement various outfits. Loafers, along with a chic appeal, offer the wearer comfort, effortlessness of slipping the shoe on and off, and ease while travelling.

Loafers for men are a wardrobe staple. These shoes, shaped like moccasins and consisting of a flat heel, are versatile in designs, to match different occasions and outfits. Here are the three types of outfits that you can best match loafers with:

Loafers with Formals

For business suits, and formals without ties, you’ll have to select the loafers very carefully. Opt for high-quality material, refined design, dark color, and minimalistic detail. Choose a narrow-toed pair of shoes as they give the appearance of dress shoes.

Go for classic or penny loafers, preferably with leather soles. Keep the outfit overall basic and neutral-shaded, idyllically white, navy, blue, brown, tan, or black. Choose black, dark brown, or dark blue loafers. Make sure that the color of features used on your loafers – silver, gold, or copper, matches with the color of your tie-bar, cufflinks, and wrist watch.

Loafers with Semi-Formals/Business Casuals

As goes with the name, the semi-formal look can be ideally achieved by pairing few pieces of your casual outfit with the formal ones. Keep the blazer. Alternate casual and formal between the tee/shirt and pants/jeans. Also, tasselled loafers for men work best with business casuals.

You can simply pair jeans with a crisp light color shirt and blazer or team straight pants with a tee-shirt and blazer. Loafers will perfectly smarten up these outfits. With pants go for neutral shade loafers; with jeans you could go for brighter shade loafers to match the blazer.

Loafers with Casuals

With casuals, keep the look neat and classic. Go for neutral shades in the outfit, as the sleek lines and shape of the loafers will certainly bring the required grace to the clothing. You can pair slim jeans with a basic tee or fine knitwear, or shirt with chinos or khakis for a classier appeal. 

Muted colors like grey, blue, navy, and white pair best; keeping the look tidy and clean. You could opt for a brighter pair of loafers with a neutral outfit, or, choose a brighter pair of chinos to complement neutral loafers and tee/shirt. Suede loafers will work well here.

To sum up, loafers for men are a versatile piece of footwear that can add immense elegance to the outfit. Maintain a neat and classic look.

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