3 Black Boots You Must Have in Your Collection

‘Essentials’ are the shoes/clothes/accessories in your wardrobe that go along with most of your outfits and complete the look for a number of your ensembles. These are mostly in neutral colors like black, white, and tan and are absolute must-haves for a woman’s collection.

Black boots are typically ‘Essentials’. Own them in all three varieties and you wouldn’t have to worry about finding complementing footwear for more than half your outfits. Below are the three types of basic boots and their style implications:

Knee-Length Boots

Knee-length shoes never go out of style! They have been worn for more than two decades and are still the favorite choice of most girls. Knee-Length shoes have a trendy appeal and transform any ensemble into a style-statement.

If you like carrying your dress with attitude, go for the high-heeled boots and if you believe more in comfort, opt for the flat heeled. Knee-Length Boots paired with jeans, a basic plain-color t-shirt and a scarf give a casual yet chic look. Match them with skirts and short dresses for an elegantly expressive look.


The Chelsea variety of black boots is another must-have for your collection. These shoes, slightly higher than the ankle, can be worn with a number of clothes, and are suited for a variety of occasions. The chunky block heel design gets the much-needed spark to a routine dress.

Wear it with a knit top or jumper and fitted black leggings for a fresh appearance. You can also pair it with a casual black dress or combination of shorts, top, and a denim jacket. Avoid wearing loose jeans or loose leggings with these shoes.

Ankle-Length Boots

A favorite of all time, the ankle length black shoes are what’ll take you through the seasons. With their tough look and sturdy built, these shoes are something that will accompany you for a very long time, complement a majority of your casual clothing, and be your best companion on all long outdoor journeys.

Heels for style and flats for function – you can choose any that you feel you’ll use more. Team them with jeans, leggings, or shorts. Accessorize your outfit with scarves, caps, shrugs, knit-tops, or denim jackets. Mostly for the casual look, the ankle-length boots are sure to highlight your dress and add drama even to a dull and boring outfit.

To end with, black boots are an essential type of footwear that you must definitely have in your collection. High-length, Chelsea, or Ankle-length – one of these are sure to match your ensemble when you are in doubt of which shoes to wear.

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