Summer Style: Top 3 Sandals for Men and How to Wear Them

There has always been a debate on whether men’s sandals are a style essential or a stylistic faux pas. But with the summer season promoting the need of breathable, open, and comfortable footwear, sandal is unarguably the ideal choice balancing style and utility.

Sandals are the type of footwear which have open areas and keep the feet exposed. Variants of sandals include slipper formats like flip-flops; buckled sandals which are tied near the ankle and have the back of the foot covered; and strappy sandals which have numerous straps covering the foot.

Being the first ever shoes to be worn, sandals have an origin dating back to 10,000 years. Throughout history, sandals have been worn in different forms and have been created using various materials. Today we bring to you a pick of the best 3 sandals for men in the contemporary culture along with style inspiration for each.

Sandal 1: Gladiators

A trend once visible only on the runways, gladiators are now used for practical and casual street wear too. Gladiators are T-bar sandals having multiple straps placed over the foot. The style is set to resemble the footwear adorned by Roman gladiators. Gladiator sandals have a striking aesthetic appeal and are indisputably a class apart.

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Skip the calf-high sandals and go for the low-cut wearable variants. You can pair them with shorts, linen trousers and polo tee-shirts, basic tees. For a bohemian look, team printed trousers and a neutral vest with your gladiators.

Sandal 2: Two-straps

Quite easily comprehendible by the name, two-strap sandals have two covering straps running across the foot and can have two styles – one with the foot back covered and one not. Either way, they are comfortable and will offer ease for you to pull off the look.

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It is advisable to go for leather or rubber soles to keep to the modern fashion league. A pair of tailored shorts with a crew neck tee will complement tan two-strapped sandals for men. Alternatively, chinos matched with a shirt and classic black sandals will also look smart.

Sandal 3: Sports Sandal

A must have for men’s wardrobe, sports sandals are the most sporty of all sandals in both look and function. They usually come with padding and have the fastening system of hooks and loops. Designed for rugged activities, they provide the requisite traction and support while keeping the feet cool.

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Ideal to be paired with jeans and t-shirts, sports sandals can be worn with track pants and shorts too. For outdoor activities, wear round neck tees and shorts with sports sandals. Never wear socks with your sandals, they look ugly and are completely off the styling chart.

The outcome rests in the fact that sandals for men are a must-have for the summer wardrobe. Cool in style and comfortable in usage, you just can’t miss out on this essential piece for the warm weather!

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