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The cave man was fierce, inventive and limitless. He leapt from rock to jagged rock, acquiring land and hunting prey: an ancient untamed Tarzan. Today’s man is reconnecting with his primal self. Nature beckons in the form of mountain adventures and glacial journeys. Fashion and technology have created the epitome of this reconnection with nature; a counterpart to make a traveller better equipped: boots. Strong, sturdy, trusted boots.

Ankle boots were a natural progression in the history of boots. Originally popular with soldiers, they were later worn to complement the design of jodhpurs while riding. Comfortable and easy to don, the ankle boot superseded the cumbersome knee-highs. Trousers could be loosely secured around the ankle rather than the extensive production that went into putting on a pair of taller boots. The style has become popular with both men and women.

The creators at Alberto Torresi are particular with their designs. The earthy colours vary from a black to waning shades of brown to partridge and finally tan. These ankle boots bear strong individual Italian names, and once you get to know them, it is an easy pleasure to tell them apart.

The Anvik shoes have a widening mouth and are tightly laced with Velcro straps across the ankle. The Barcus ankle boots taper upwards elegantly, and are supposed to be closely fastened with laces. The Guido and Niccoliao ankle boots imbibe the best of both, and are meant to be a slim fit with a functional and enhancive buckle band. The Salvestro ankle boots proudly display the Alberto Torresi name on a boldly engraved leather strip around the ankle. The Stefano ankle boots have the most distinctive pattern: a zipper that runs along the side of the ankle to the heel, allowing its wearer an incredible amount of comfort and a perfect fit.

The boots are most optimally winter wear, as the insides are padded, making them quite plush. The material around the ankle, secures the boots and offers support. The soles of these ankle boots are made of a thermoplastic rubber and have a maze of scientifically devised crevices to ensure maximum grip. The look is reminiscent of deep woods, and immediately inspires a sense of wanderlust.

On this site, functionality meets style, and breeds comfort. The ankle boots of Alberto Torressi can be worn both inside and out. The ankle boots are robust and long-lasting: intended for rough and tough wear. They are also equally fashionable and can be sported in a contemporary urban setting, creating the perfect accessory to a modern multi-faceted man.

The inventors at Alberto Torresi labour to create a perfect blend of ease and purpose. The ankle boots are a finely crafted example of this endeavor.


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