Leather Shoes - The Renaissance of Leather

Shoes have traditionally been made of leather. The prehistoric man was the first to fashion and wear the shoe prototype, made out of bear or deer hide. When man advanced from being gatherers to hunters, shoes were a natural progression. This discovery changed, not only their lives, but the very bone structure of their feet. Fashion too, aided by technology, and has evolved with man. The making of leather shoes has become an art. Designs have become more stylish and functional.

The leather shoes of Alberto Torresi, in recognition of the beauty of the variety of shoe styles through history, are varied. There are the many shades of the soft suede leather loafers that factor into the casual shoe section of the e-store. These leather shoes in the classic collection are made of soft natural leather and provide a distinct sense of style and finish. The private edition of leather shoes takes the polished chic look one step further with alligator prints and gleaming surfaces. The leather boots are multi-purpose: the attractive ankle length laced designs are fitted for functionality. The slippers are light and comfortable, with a signature collection that bears Toressi’s signature look of plain black with a dash of red. The sandals are creatively constructed with interesting patterns in leather strips. The assortment of women’s footwear, comprising of heeled boots and wedges, is fast growing and in great demand.

The classical leanings of a leather shoe is reminiscently high class. Ranging back to the Victorian era where leather was expensive, leather shoes became a symbol of status. Today, some of this noble pride remains, making it a popular material choice on a formal shoe.

The vision at Alberto Torresi’s is futurist. They strive to come one step closer to creating the perfect leather shoe. Plush toes and elegant designs are but a part of their process to the ultimate end. The leather is worked and re-worked, blueprints invented and re-invented until new becomes old and old becomes new. Though the world is constantly in a flux, perpetually moving on to different materials for shoes, Torresi retains integrity, and continues to rediscover the limits of leather. This makes the shoes feel sturdier and more reliable.

There is something about leather, as it caresses the skin of your feet: you know that you look stylish and poised. Your leather shoes steady your roots, steel your nerves and inspire confidence. Alberto Torresi has the pair that is completely you.

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