Shoe Care - As if brand new

They say, that a stitch in time saves nine. They also say that prevention is better than a cure. It is always best to be well prepared, rather than to have to suffer the pains of dealing with issues that have swelled in magnitude with time. In this uber-consumerist world, it is often easy to forget that one’s possessions are an extension of oneself. There has been some amount of effort that has gone into their procurement, and it is only fair to sustain them, in respect of that effort. The same goes with shoe care.

It is very important to keep your shoes clean. At the end of the day or after every few days use a damp cloth and wipe all surfaces that may be dirty or stained. Make sure your shoes tend to remain dry and while storing them away, keep them somewhere they can stay dry and get to breathe. This will prevent any possibility of a musty smell from your shoes and also thwart the growth of any bacteria or fungus.

Different seasons require different kind of care. Summers are easier, as the only corruption faced is via dust or sand. Monsoons can be dicey: shoes not only keep things out, but also keep things in. Thus it is very important to clean them from both the outside and the inside. The exteriors requite minimal effort, as rainy shoes are most likely to be waterproof and can most often be cleaned simply by running them under the tap. This allows you to focus a little more on the interiors that so carefully protect your toes. Winter boots are usually equipped to be waterproof and can withstand a variety of pressing conditions. Another aspect is the material of the shoe: leather especially is carefully cultivated and requires a certain amount of care in return. This is the case with Alberto Torresi shoes too.

Looking after your shoes means increasing their longevity. If you live by frugal means, this is a great saver. And if you absolutely love shoes, and love buying them, it doesn’t mean that you need to decrease your shopping trips, it only means that your wardrobe expands in size, allowing you to truly wear a different pair of shoes for all of the different occasions that present themselves through the month, and to continue to truly subscribe to a mantra of ‘more’. Happy shoe care.

Shoes are a reflection to one’s nature. Shower your shoes with a little love. And watch the rain pour.

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I brought brand new black loafers in ur brand and after using them for two weeks I wiped and leaned it with a wet cloth and afters few hours I noticed white patches on it and will plz advice me how to get rid of that problem please notify me

Mohan tej May 09, 2018

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