Rainy Footwear - Through rain and shine

A stereotypical idea of seasons is that there are but four: Spring, summer, autumn and winter. In India, this is hardly the case. The most beloved and agriculturally relevant season of 'monsoon' is added to the short list. Depending on where in the country you are, the monsoon hits at a different time of the year. It is usually after the summer when the westerlies sweep over the subcontinent. The winds reverse in a couple of months and bring in a second and lighter rainy season.  While the rural areas rejoice for their crops, the urban spaces plan and re-plan coping mechanisms. It is quite necessary on a rainy day, to have the appropriate footwear.

Alberto Torresi’s collection of footwear offers a great variety to choose from. Their flip-flops are divided into two sections: slippers including the red Alessandro, brown Betto and blue Dino slippers for men. The signature collection is more stylish, with decorative coloured relief from the classic look: like the orange tags of Nanni, and the blue strips of Leonardo. The soles are made from Thermoplastic Rubber that offers a great grip on the slippery rainy ground, while the actual designs and patterns are made from comfortable leather.

It is also very important to look after your footwear. After a long day when you give your shoes a rest give them a chance to dry off and get ready for another grueling day. You can run your shoes under a tap to clear out all the mud and dirt collected from the rains. You can choose to dry off your footwear with a cloth or leave them in a place where they can dry themselves. It is important to store your shoes in a place they get to breathe. Rainy footwear can sometimes develop a musty odor easily: just as it keeps everything out, it traps everything in. When they are no longer in use and you have recently stored them away for the year, do make sure they have been cleaned and dried inside and out and are allowed to breathe.

Torresi’s rainy footwear is distinctive and offers a sense of unique style and personality, which brightens up any rainy day.

It’s a great idea to have your balance when you’re enjoying a tranquil rainy day. Choose wisely and you’ll always have your footwear to support you.

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