Winter Footwear - Warm and toasty

There is a breathtaking beauty about winter. It is the most pristine season. Colder places are blessed with snowy fields of crystal whiteness. It inspires a sense of calm, to the end of the flurried year. The winter season is distinct, in many ways, not only in its weather, but also the habits of the people. Fashion is at its newest. It is different from the clothes worn through the year. Suddenly there is a necessity for a whole extra layer of clothes. Does this coat make me look fat? Do my black stockings well-accentuate the calf muscles I’ve been carefully cultivating through the year? Thus a great deal of pressure falls on footwear, as it is always visible.

Winter footwear insists upon being fashionable. Yet it goes beyond that. They must be at their peak of functionality. It would hardly do to wear a beautiful pair of shoes, but find that you’re unable to trudge through to piling ice and your toes are completely frozen. Thus the Alberto Torresi collection, is a perfect example of this dual requirement.

Take a look at the ankle boots for example. They are best suited for the winter. They are made of a soft and natural leather that has a great look and is extremely comfortable to the feet. Its soles are made of Thermoplastic Rubber, which is meant to be durable and has a great grip. The footwear is made in different styles and patterns, with laces, zippers and buckles, each meant to allow the boot to fit as closely as possible. The colours too are an earthy black, brown or green that make them adaptable to the environment around them.

Fortunately in India, there is no great worry about water during the winter. Most shoes are subject dirt and stains, and thus they are quite easy to take care of. Clean the surface of the shoes with a damp cloth and store in dry and breathable environment. They must be allowed enough time to dry out as they often get damp with sweat, as leather is quick to absorb water.

Come don your best pair of winter footwear, whether it is snowy outside or not. For make no mistake, winter is coming.

There’s nothing more secure than having a good pair of shoes to walk in. Especially on ice. Welcome to Torresi’s winter wear collection.

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