Leather Care - A little goes a long way

There are certain specific things to keep in mind when it comes to the care of leather shoes. Try not to wear them every day. Leather absorbs water in large amounts and needs some time to dry out completely. If you wear them daily, they will soak up the wetness of your sweat and remain continually damp. This speeds up the wear and tear process. Water in general, ought to be avoided when wearing leather shoes. If it is raining, make sure that you wear waterproofed shoes. If you do happen to wet your lovely leather, invest an effort in getting them to dry faster.

 It is also a good practice to make use of the shoe trees that usually come with a new box of leather shoes. This simple plastic contraption helps retain the shape of the leather shoe, as it is so lovingly created by the inventors at Alberto Torresi. The best time to utilize them is as soon as you take your shoes off. The worst possible practice to have is to leave your socks in your shoes overnight. The unavoidable odor percolates into the shoes themselves, leaving them perpetually stinky, and for a pair of leather shoes, this will hardly do.

Leather requires shoe polish. To keep the shine and make it look new use a high quality shoe polish ever so often. In many schools, children are encouraged to polish their shoes every night before going to bed, so as to be spic and span the following morning. Such a habit can be redeveloped, to as often as three times a week. Be wary of creases on your leather shoes. Don’t be rough when slipping in and out of them to prevent creasing. Make sure you wipe out dirt or muck. Make sure the leather doesn’t get or stay wet to ensure its long life. Make sure your footwear is stored in breathable dried environment. Leather can get scratched so be careful not to scuff them anywhere.

There is a lot of work that goes into the creation of leather wear. When it comes down to Italian leather, it isn’t some mass-produced synthetic material that is easily replaceable. Thus it is advised to put in a certain amount of personal care when it comes to looking after your shoes.

There is a large amount of care put into the creation of your Alberto Torresi leather shoes. A little care on your part, will see these faithful companions a long way.


i want to know that from where and what type of polish i would like to purchase for my boot- alberto torresi burgundy boot

hemant jayant May 09, 2018

Which leather is used in making the shoes and slippers?

Raj August 24, 2015

awsum advise and suggestions, luking forward to do all of the things suggested above !

nitin July 15, 2015

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