Shoes for Women - Towering over humanity

It’s been a long week with pressures from home and work. For most women, there is a single tried and tested solution: retail therapy. The diverse range of colours and materials are an escape from a monotonous world. Shopping seems to push back the suffocating limits of routine life, for if someone somewhere could create this symbol of near perfection, there still is a fragment of hope left for everyone. After all, there is something absolutely soothing about slipping your feet into your favourite pair of heels.

The Alberto Toressi shoes for women are crafted with several considerations. They are elegant: designed to stand out with the highest quality material. They are also well-fitted and cushioned; scientifically constructed to absorb shock. Moreover they are durably fashioned out of natural leather that is meant to last, and requires minimum maintenance, for example: simple cleaning with a dry cloth. The earthy tones of the shoe line makes them an easy accessory for an assortment of outfits like jeans, skirts, leggings, and they can even add a little drama to formal wear.

The care taken in designing and providing a distinctive personality to the shoes is evident. Though both Adona and Celia are leather boots, they are very different from each other. The former is stocky and secure: a dependable shoe. The latter has a chic modern pattern: easy to slip on sans buckle or zip, the shoe is a manifestation of the girls gone wild. The variety of boots is expansive. Silviana is a taupe suede pair with flat thermos plastic rubber heels. Alba, Vanda and Lisa are sleek black, with a unique combination of buckles or zippers, and varying ankle lengths. Dona, Perla and Rosaria are an interesting amalgam of boots and wedges that come in black, olive and chestnut.

The importance of the correct pair of shoes can never be overstated. Studies have shown that shoes, as a part of your appearance, are a reflection of your personality. After all, shoes speak. A creative mix-and-match of clothes, accessories and shoes can style a powerful first impression. Our collection for women and its variety offers many choices for an impactful statement. So get out there and shatter some ceilings.

“Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world”

- A quote by Bette Midler

                                                                Made famous by Marilyn Monroe.

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