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There are stars that walk amongst us. Their light shines bright, as they lead the way into the future. Their presence brings a sense of exhilarated joy. They are the symbols of our hopes and aspirations. Standing at the forefront of their varied fields, these beautiful beings exist in our life right from our childhood. ‘Mom, I want to be like Marie Curie’, ‘Dude, someday my skills are going to surpass Beckham’s’ and the ever popular ‘Sallu Bhai is my hero!’.

It’s interesting how celebrities are the ones that blaze all the fashion trails. Anushka Sharma had an adorable pixie cut in PK, and so the pixie cut is the new bob. The year Aishwarya Rai won her Miss World title, a large percentage of the new born babies were named after her. Shoes, clothes, accessories, and the use of specific catch phrases: these are all influenced by celebrity choices.

Alberto Torresi, the designer shoe brand, has a beautiful collection of leather shoes. The variety is large and multi-purpose, ranging from snazzy loafers to classic formals. The quality and elegance of the shoes is quite apparent. But if you are still a little uncertain about why you should purchase them, perhaps their celebrity clientele will lend you some visual advice.

One of the most handsome patrons is Karan Tacker, the star of the soap Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai. He walked down the Torresi ramp at the Indian Shoes and Accessories Forum in Mumbai displaying the Summer-Spring Torresi collection. The actor is also a vibrant dancer and wears his stylish shoes for numerous red carpet events. His enthusiasm for the shoe brand is transferred to his followers via his twitter feed. The actors Varun Jain and Rajkumar Rao too are fans of the Torresi line, and have been spotted wearing the Anvik ankle boots. Honey Singh, Kushal Tandon and Sahil Salathia are proud owners each of a Torresi pair or two.

Magazines such as Hi! Blitz have sourced shoes from the Alberto Torresi Collection to dress celebrities like Farhan Akhtar and the twin duo of Karan Johar and the famous Manish Malhotra. Fashion blogger Shahbeg Sing as well as the Pendown M-Talks HERE website have featured posts about the Torresi footwear collection. And if you think that it’s just the men that have taken a fancy to these fashionable shoes, you are quite mistaken. Actress Aanchal Munjal, for example, seems to be absolutely in love with her black leather boots.

Of all of these celebrities, the fast rising star is the companies very own director Ishaan Sachdeva, a passionate young man. His enthusiasm is reflected in the success of the shoes that he makes. And any of his creations ought to be worn with pride.

Alberto Torresi: Walking with the stars

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