Gladiator Sandals - The Torresi Warriors

Gladiator sandals have been around since quite some time, to be more accurate since the time the Roman Empire ruled supreme. Ancient gladiators equipped themselves with these for pragmatic purposes, but modern fashionistas saw them for more than just that. These sandals made their first runway debut in the late 19th century and the trend to sport these multi strapped sandals is still going strong today. Gladiator sandals were originally intended for use by men but the modern version has become a style staple for women all across the globe. Most men may now see these sandals as more appropriate for women although quite contrarily you can find many stylish versions specifically designed for guys out there, a trend which is helping  these sandals become commonplace in a man’s wardrobe as well.

The Alberto Torresi Gladiators are the epitome of power and masculinity. Tommaso, for example, is the most intricate of the lot. The crisscross of the soft leather strips makes this open sandal comfortable summer wear. The colour options are black and brown, making them easy to wear in almost any situation. Santi and Nardo, in tan and black respectively, have simpler designs that make for elegant wear. Giovanni has a square and symmetrical pattern that make them formal and secure. The Francesco sandals stretch the idea of a Gladiator to an extreme simplification, and are quite fun to carry off.

The sandals have rubber soles and are easy to put on. These shoes are super versatile and can accompany almost any look, whether you are out to pick up your groceries or getting armed to paint the town red with your besties. They can be paired with a clean pair of linen trousers in a semi-formal situation, or worn recklessly with your beach shorts in a move towards comfort. They are also great to wear to a concert or festival: you don’t have to have any socks on!

It is interesting to know that the Gladiator sandals on your feet have such an enriched record. History repeats itself, and the circle of fashion takes another round. So go ahead and wear your Gladiators proudly.

Gladiator sandals: Fashion that never gets old.

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