4 Unique Ways to Wear Oxford Shoes

The secret to a perfect attire is planning it from the shoes up. Your choice of shoes speaks a lot about your style and every man needs that one perfect pair which is ideal for any occasion be it day or night. When we say that, oxford shoes are the timeless classics that pops up in our head as the first option and, well, when the first choice is that stunning you don’t need any other option. The smooth finish, slim shape and spotless lines make it a sophisticated choice for men to style it with anything, it’s all about dressing it up or down. Our oxford shoes are designed using high-quality techniques and materials which give them an extremely clean and sleeky finish.

These fancy schmancy shoes can go with just about everything. We have narrowed down 4 unique styles that you can pair the oxfords with.

  1. Formal Attire – Throw on a classy look in black oxford shoes paired with a black tuxedo or grey pants and a white solid shirt and you’re good to go. This look is a fail-safe choice that can certainly never disappoint you. Another reason of investing in a black pair is that they’re super versatile and can combine with plenty of colour options in your wardrobe.
  1. Keep it smart-casual - Get the most fashionable look by simply donning a pair of tan oxfords and blue jeans along with a button-up shirt or blazer. You can also style your oxfords with a slim fit T-shirt and cropped denim. Add a suave touch to your casual mien by slipping into any tan pair to look sleeky and trendy at the same time.
  1. Grab those Chinos – The sassy combination of oxfords with chinos can be a fantastic choice when coordinated the right way. Pay close attention to shades and styles while choosing the right look. Pick muted colours for a subtle yet classy look as they say ‘Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.’ You can turn your long unused-lying-in-the-closet chinos into a stunning outfit by pairing them with an oxford shoe. So go, throw on your smartypants.
  1. Here’s to the Groom – It’s your big day and you got all eyes on you. You need to feel confident and look the best version of yourself. Don’t sweat it, relax and enjoy your life’s biggest moment as we’ve found your sole-mate too! A classic oxford shoe goes well with both ethnic sherwanis and formal suits giving you an elevated look. So slide into a perfect pair that compliments your outfit and make a strong style statement on your D-Day!

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