How to clean your leather shoes, an easy step-by-step guide

The idea of buying a new pair of leather shoes is so exciting, that we instantly purchase them without thinking about its post-purchase care and handling. Though protecting them is crucial to making sure it lasts, there’s little escaping the inevitability of attaining scuff marks, nicks, and general dirt through multiple wears over time. Luckily the process of cleaning leather shoes at home is quite feasible and to make it easy for you, we’ve broken down the steps. Go on to learn how to clean your leather shoes and make them look brand new all over again. 

Brush the dirt with a soft brush

Before you start the process it's essential to brush off all the dirt with a soft-bristled brush. We’d suggest you use shoes only made for cleaning leather shoes as they have a subtle effect. Brush smoothly along the seam and sole of the shoe, carefully as to not scratch the leather accidentally.  

Separate the laces 

Laces are generally made of cotton or synthetic material, it’s advisable to remove them (if your shoes have any) to avoid any wear and tear. 

Wipe with a moist cloth 

Take a clean cloth, damp it in water, and squeeze out all the excess water. Add a bit of leather cleaner and start wiping your shoes. Right after, take another damp cloth, free of soap, and go for the second round of cleaning, to remove any leftover soap. 

Leave the shoes to dry in a cool place. 

Clean the laces, if any 

Remember those laces you’d put aside? Those need cleaning too. If you want to give your shoe a brand new look, deep cleaning is required. Laces can be dipped in hot soapy water, rested for a while, and then later dried in a cool place. It’s that simple!

Cleaning on the go! 

If you are traveling and accidentally dropped something on your leather shoes, all you need to do is pick a package of baby wipes from a chemist. Baby wipes have the right amount of cleaning agent and moisture which is mild on leather and can vanish those spots instantly. 


Cleaning leather shoes at home is a cake-walk, provided you clean them often. Leather can last you decades if you care for it, don’t wait for the time they are extremely dirty as then the stains might get stubborn and hard to remove. Just make sure to clean them immediately when you see a spot or dirt anywhere and trust us, they’d be your best companion in all walks of life.

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