Alberto Torresi (Most comfortable shoes)

Shoes are probably the only piece on body where comfort is the prime factor, a lot of moments come when I leave gorgeous looking shoes, just because they’re not comfortable. Shoes bear all the body weight and it’s necessary to wear comfortable shoes.

I personally advise you to use Alberto Torresi brands shoes. It was launched in 2010 by Agra based company Virola shoes pvt ltd. These brand’s  shoes are most comfortable shoes.

I visited Alberto torresi (a renowned footwear brand) store and factory in Agra this July. They build some fine class designer and comfortable shoes. Alberto Torresi uses high quality of leather brand for making shoes and the employees give extra care to fitting of the feet to the sole.

Ishaan Sachdeva (MD) shared his thoughts about how men foot-wear market is going to change in future days. He also gave as a walkthrough of their technique of making comfortable shoes and shows us why their shoes are most comfortable and unique in nature.


Alberto Torresi gives a premium range of footwear which is made up of 100% leather that attracts to customers between the ages of 18-45 years.

Ishaan entered the family business with a vision to take footwear industry to the next level and I can see that he’s passionate about his goal.

The brand recently entered into the ecommerce market with the launch of  exclusive mens footwear websites.
Few qualities of Alberto Torresi shoes:
  • Very comfortable; typically have lower heels.
  • These shoes lock the foot into the shoe and anchors them into the mid-sole.
  • Its offers support all over the foot.
  • The sole give the slightly padded feeling. These cushion footbed support the natural shape of the foot.
  • Lots of varieties from shiny party wear to simple casual shoes.
  • Leather boots for winter season.
  • Some Yoga shoes are so comfortable that you will not feel if you’re wearing one. It hasa lightweight and padded sole.


Sharing some designs of few shoes which I really liked during the visit at their factory/store.


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