Men’s footwear has gone through an impressive journey from being solely utilitarian in purpose to adding a level of aestheticism to one’s fashion game. From the formal Oxfords to leather boots or Derbies and Brogues that were known to be a gentleman’s shoe, the fashion etiquette has become more relaxed to include slip-on like loafers and moccasins that can take your casual outfit to the next level. With the acceptance of casual wear in workplaces, parties, and other settings,  casual shoes have become the go-to choice for every man. However, a wrong choice of footwear can land you up in the worst dressed category.

You may think how can one ever go wrong with casual shoes, they are casual for a reason, right?

Well, you are wrong! With the growing acceptance of casual shoes for men on various occasions and places, there are too many styles and choices to choose from and it can get quite confusing as to which one to pick. To guide you a bit in this arena of a shoe selection dilemma. Here’s presenting a shoe guide, exclusively for all the men out there. 

Sneakers -

In case you’ve been living under a rock, your sneakers are meant for more than just the gym these days. From lifestyle to the red carpet to sports, nowadays your sneakers can be an expression of yourself. Sneakers come in many shapes and sizes these days. Sneaker shoes for men provide the perfect opportunity to show off their style. Sneakers are not only comfortable to wear but they almost go with everything in your closet if styled the right way. Although sneakers can be worn with most outfits, you can wear them to date nights, clubs or parties, offices with no strict dress code, for a great impression. We recommend you avoid wearing it to job interviews, casual business events, or to a pool party.


Loafers -

Your cool, laid-back companion for walks across the street. Your wingman for a fun night at the bar. Your affectionate date on a Sunday afternoon. We aren't talking about a friend, colleague, or significant other. We are talking about loafers! They are cool, comfortable, and above all uber fashionable. You can't go wrong with loafers. Most loafers come in leather or suede upper. The leather loafers are mostly considered formals while the suede loafers exude a more casual or outdoorsy vibe. They can be worn with any outfit and at any location or occasion. However, you should avoid wearing them to road trips, beaches, or pool parties. You should consider avoiding suede loafers at formal events.


Sandals -

Stay high in style with fashionable sandals. They are a perfect match for every kind of casual outfit. Whether it be your cool and casual summer shorts or a classic ethnic sherwani. There’s no denying that sandals are a proper casual footwear choice. Although they can be worn with most casual outfits, they still can not be worn everywhere. Avoid wearing sandals to formal or semi-formal events, date nights, and club nights. They are perfect for running errands and weekends with friends.



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