Basic guide to wearing the tassel shoes like a pro

Every day, fashion unfolds new dynamics and styles. Every season, the fashion industry grows bigger and better. The fashion weeks are the perfect time to show off your stunning style with old trends being aesthetically reinvented and new ones popping up. The role of shoes is crucial in all of this. And there is no doubt that a good pair of men's tassel shoes will make you unbeatable. Tassel shoes for men are one of the most popular shoes for the last two seasons. Elegant and stylish, these shoes are the definition of comfort. A man's wardrobe must include the Tassel shoes, which are one of a kind. You can style your tassels in a variety of unique ways, but we have the ultimate guide to help you style them for an overall impressive appearance.

History of men's tassel shoes

The tassel shoe is a design that has been associated with old men for a long time, yet it is actually quite new. Many people alive today were born in a world without tassel shoes.

The story goes that Paul Lukas was obsessed with a pair of Oxford shoes from Europe that had tassels on their laces back in 1948. Although he liked it, he felt it needed to be changed a bit. It was his goal to create something that was all his own. When the Alden Shoe Company was asked to create a new design, it tried several different brands.

According to the folks in Massachusetts, changing the base of the shoe from an Oxford to a penny loafer made it more functional. It was a style that had only become popular a decade earlier. Tassel loafers were originally marketed exclusively as casual shoes. The current style was born when the college kids who wore them grew up and started working in New York City banks.

Likely, they were not the first shoemaker to add tassels to a non-tying shoe, but they certainly created a few key features. Anyway, let us discuss the right ways to wear your men's tassel shoes.


Are you a fan of aperitifs and long walks with friends?

The perfect tassel for this type of occasion is definitely leather shoes. A pair of these shoes will allow you to dress in an elegant and fresh outfit, and the leather choice is perfect for the spring season. These shoes are ideal for long walks, since this leather, which is characterized by its softness, will give your feet comfort.

Don't stay anchored to the classic colors if you want to surprise your friends or your girlfriend. Change up your look with cheerful tones. You can choose the color that is most suitable for you but at the same time looks exotic.

With or without socks? The question of the decade

Is it better to wear it with or without socks? This is one of the most frequently asked questions while discussing tassel shoes.

You must wear socks if you choose to wear elegant tassels with your outfit. When the weather is warmer, a small tear can be made to the rule, and allow yourself to wear socks that reach up to your calf. Make sure your skin is completely covered by sitting down and crossing your legs or bending over as if you were picking something up.

Style tassels for wedding

Tassels are the most appropriate footwear at a wedding. Nowadays, leather tassel or snaffle loafers have become a staple for the groom, groom party, and guests to swap out formal oxford toe-cap wedding shoes for leather tassels or snaffles.

Depending on if it is a summer wedding, you may want to ditch the socks here. However, if it is a winter wedding, we would again suggest wearing them with socks. To instantly upgrade your look, pair your loafers with slim cropped trousers or tapered chinos. Wear brown or black leather tassels with a belt that matches the shoes and you will be able to pull off the whole outfit together. You can also choose lighter-colored leather tassel shoes for men in the summer to really make your suit combo stand out.

Maintain a casually smart appearance

The combination of tassels and smart-casual clothing is perfect. They both represent sophistication and class. Classic Brown Tassels are the most versatile and universal shoes that will make you the center of attention wherever you go when paired with fitted trousers and a crisp blazer.

Leather tassels will never disappoint you at the formal events

When pairing suits with tassels, you don't have to worry about anything. Tassel shoes are known for their versatility, and they can rock both casual as well as formal looks. Thus, you can definitely rock a semi-formal suit with any leather tassels. Make a fashion statement like no other with dark colors like black, dark gray, navy blue, and brown tassels.

Remember, less is more!

The tassel shoes have become a classic in menswear because they are influenced by European fashion. You can create a classy, subtle look by keeping your outfit's color tone similar. A simple solid shirt and trousers will look great paired with our dark teal tassel loafers in winter.

Get ready like a gentleman

You must select the right material for tassels if you want to pull off a formal look. It is possible to add a lot of volume to the whole outfit with leather Shoes Online. Combining the timeless classic black leather tassel shoes with a sleek suit will make you stand out. We offer a variety of luxurious tassels on our online store.

Final Words

With their unique colors and versatility, tassel shoes for men are redefining fashion. When it comes to styling your look, you don't have to follow the usual rules. Try unique and out-of-the-box ideas if you feel like breaking the traditional idea of wearing that footwear. Tassel shoes are renowned for their detailed craftsmanship and distinctive design. To create a less traditional look, pair them with a statement piece like a blazer or printed shirt.

We are the premier fashion destination for all things classic men’s footwear. Enjoy our exclusive collection of leather tassels, brogues, and loafers.

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