How to style slippers for men? 3 ways that never fail

Summer calls for breathable footwear that keeps your feet comfortable, relaxed, and most importantly sweat-free. In recent years, slip-on or slippers have become extremely popular among men due to their ease of wear and casual appeal. Moreover, fashion influencers and luxury runways have changed the traditional style statement for men.

Slippers for men look good with almost any outfit that doesn't adhere to the formal dress code. A slipper is a perfect companion for everything from morning coffee runs to dog walking to just relaxing at home. The plus point of having slippers is they can be used both indoors and outdoors for different purposes with different styles.

It is possible for men to wear a variety of slippers during the warmer months. Slippers will be your go-to summer footwear for all things that are casual.. thanks to their easy wearability! You will learn about some types of slippers and the right way to style them in this article.

Types of slippers

The good old classic

There is no need for us to explain what a standard slipper looks like, but the material and color can be totally an individual’s choice. It is a single-piece construction, with full foot coverage, usually finished in knitted or felted wool, sometimes lined with second, longer-fibered wool (such as fleece). There are some with a heel cup and some without. You can slide your toe and take your morning coffee with these types of slippers.

The Yoga Slippers

With a wave-like outsole and arch support, these slippers have a skid-resistant sole. An extremely comfortable choice with a super soft footbed made from super foam. Whether you're planning a day date, brunch buffet, or sundowner party, these slippers are the perfect footwear.

They are also called monk slippers since they are designed with thick straps and lightweight soles.

A mule slipper

There is no heel coverage on a mule, so it's essentially a slipper without a heel. The complementary shoes that come with hotel robes probably look something like this if you've ever stayed in one. Do not trot down an icy driveway in them; they are best for spring and fall. These slippers are not made for a run or rough walk so make sure you use them for casual night-outs or house parties.

Now that you have got an idea about the types of slippers available in the market, you must know the right way to style them. Here are a few tips to style slippers for suitable occasions.

The power of dress slippers

The design of dress slippers is characterized by a slip-on style and a slight heel. Their traditional outer material is velvet or suede, which gives them a textured appearance. In addition to tassels and embroidered monograms, luxury, heritage-inspired styles can also feature tassels.

You can buy men's slippers online from Alberto Torressi. It has a wide collection of such slippers.


Dress slippers are a more louche style than other popular styles such as brogues, penny loafers, or monk straps, but they are steeped in heritage and a real symbol of sophisticated metropolitan style. The versatility and comfort of dress slippers make them an excellent everyday footwear option. There's no longer a need to confine them to the mansions or townhouses of the world where they were once considered a luxurious lounge option, reserved for the Hugh Heffner's of this world.

These slippers are as good for the black tie as they are for weekend shopping. They've broken out of their 'toff' typecast and become an all-purpose shoe. However intimidating they may seem, the trick is to wear them with confidence and without second-guessing, just like driving shoes, loafers, or monk straps. It isn't necessary to make an effort to wear the dress slippers; just add them straight into your current look and don't think twice about it.

Discover the V-Strap style

Comfort, style, and timeless craftsmanship are all combined in these flats. With its high-quality PU material, a good pair of flats not only

enhance your appearance but also makes you stand out. The footbed of these slip-on sandals is cushioned. You can wear these slippers with a fun white T-shirt and any light-colored shorts. It is a perfect accessory to complete your beach look.

Party mode style

A return to old-fashioned glamor, the pajama and loungewear trend looked sexy and subversive pre-covid. It is still possible to make this sort of day-night dressing feel a bit special even though it has somewhat lost its sheen. You can try to bridge two worlds: a bar-ready look on top and fancy-Zoom catch-up on the bottom. So you can get a shiny disco shirt and skinny jeans while dressing like DJ Khaled at your next party.

The fancy slippers you're wearing must have some faux velvet or faux embroidery. Slipping them on makes you feel prepared for anything. You don’t have to look like Harry Styles but you can manage to look like a party pop star in this outfit.

Get ready for a bright and sunny day

Kurtas are often thought of as festive essentials, but they can also be styled casually. It is a stylish and comfortable top that's perfect for the summer months. You can complete your look by pairing your kurta with denim and leather kolhapuris. You can also get brown or tanned color slippers to complete your traditional look.

Nothing can beat “Monochrome”

Anyone who loves to keep their wardrobe and life simple will love this beige and brown look. You can wear a shirt and trousers or a short kurta, whatever you prefer. Your look is complete with a pair of dark brown leather sandals.

Final words

Slippers are the most comfortable footwear among men. Their timeless appeal makes their wardrobe essentials, especially for young men. Buy slippers for men at Alberto Torressi and discover a whole range of different footwear. Be ready to take your regular outfits to the next level with Alberto Torressi.

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