Discover 9 different ways to wear oxfords shoes

Oxford shoes are the most popular dress shoes for men. Oxford shoes for men have charmed us by adding a dapper touch to outfits for centuries and continue to do so today. With their versatility and timeless appeal, oxfords can be worn with formal or smart casual looks. Therefore, they are an essential staple for all gents, regardless of their style preferences. The goal of this guide is to provide you with a deeper understanding of this classic shoe, its many variations, and how to style it.

What are men’s oxford shoes?

Its closed lacing defines it as an Oxford shoe. As opposed to the open lacing system of the Derby shoe, the eyelet tabs are stitched underneath the vamp. In the beginning, the design was a plain leather shoe, but it has evolved considerably over the years to include a broad range of fabrics, detailing, and varied styles suitable for smart casual as well as formal occasions.


The main characteristics of Oxford shoes

The classic Oxford shoe consists of three main parts. The upper is the first part. Your foot is covered completely by the top part of the shoe.

The next one is the vamp. The top front extends down to the middle of your foot.

Last but not least, Oxfords have quarters that wrap around the back of your heel to cover the center of your foot.

9 different ways to wear oxfords shoes

      1. Having formal attire on

Oxford shoes must be in pristine condition when worn for a formal occasion. Ensure that there are no scratches or scuffs and that they are clean. You can brighten up an older pair of dress shoes with a little polish. You can influence the tone of your outfit by the style of Oxford that you choose. Men’s oxford shoes can accommodate traditional and conservative looks as well as quirky and fun styles.

      1. Get ready for Saturday night

Who says that oxfords typically dress shoes which makes them a poor choice for weekend wear? You can dress down oxfords by choosing a pair in a light color, like tan or gray, and pairing them with a pair of well-fitting trousers.

If you want to look your best when you go out with the guys, don't just stick to jeans, a T-shirt, and sneakers. While your gang will appreciate a good T-shirt and a good pair of sneakers, why not go the extra mile? Keep your look classic and clean by adding a printed shirt and oxfords.

      1. Seamless oxfords at weddings

As the name would suggest, these types of Oxford shoes for men are made out of a single piece of leather without a seam. The only place you can usually find these is through bespoke shoemakers, and their prices are very high. The shoes are also the most formal, as they do not contain any seams, giving them a very clean silhouette.

      1. Winter perfect - Oxford shoes and oversized coats

Any outfit can be elevated by wearing an oversized coat. It looks dashing and well-put-together when worn with gray pants and black oxford shoes. Adding a watch and sunglasses will complete the look!

      1. Layer it like a pro

Layer your outfit successfully with your scarf and Oxford shoes. With a wool coat, jumper, trousers, and black oxfords, this outfit is the epitome of street style. Similar outfit ideas are worn by many renowned celebrities. Furthermore, this outfit keeps you warm and cozy while keeping your style at its best during the winter.

Invest in a long, warm coat that has a sweater inside. A dark-colored pair of oxfords can be worn underneath. During those dreadfully gloomy days, the scarf will keep you warm and cozy. Furthermore, wearing your oxfords and scarf in the same color scheme is a great way to color-block your look!

      1. Date night with wingtip oxford shoes

The wingtip Oxford features a decorative M-shaped toe cap that extends along the side of the shoe. A smart-casual outfit can be completed with styles in nubuck suede, which are perfect for date nights and office wear.

      1. Well-cut oxford shoes for formal occasions

In line with their name, whole-cut Oxfords are made from a single piece of leather, which results in a sleek design. Generally, the less detail a shoe has, the more formal it is, but whole-cuts are an exception, serving as a great all-arounder for those who do not want to spend a lot on dress shoes.

      1. A smart look with chinos

A pair of Oxford shoes paired with chinos is the perfect combination of informal and classy. Try to keep your wardrobe limited to basic colors to keep your chinos coordinated with your Oxfords. Various styles of Oxfords should be paired with brown, black, navy blue, and sand-colored chinos. Choosing a button-down shirt with your Oxfords and chinos will give you a dressier look. It is also possible to wear a solid polo shirt or a round-necked t-shirt for a relaxed, casual look.

    1. Get it all lazy and casual

Even though Oxford shoes have a formal appearance, they don't necessarily mean they shouldn't be worn with classic jeans. Oxfords paired with jeans will certainly turn out to be stylish if you choose the right color. If you're wearing blue jeans, you should wear tan oxfords. If you wish to pair your denim with something brown or black, choose Oxfords in either brown or black. Adding a button-down shirt or blazer to your jeans and Oxfords will further enhance your look and make everything look more balanced.

Where to buy oxford shoes for men online?

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