7 ways of wearing men’s sandals - 2022

There has been a revival of men’s sandals in recent years. There was a time when you might only wear them on holiday, on school’s sports day or at the gym, but now you can wear them anywhere. Sandal for men has become a new style staple for casual outfits.

Sandals can be worn in a variety of ways depending on your personal style and desired look. Those who prefer streetwear style can grab some hiking sandals or sliders while those who are seeking comfort will find Birkenstocks. But some men prefer to look smarter in casual outfits and that is why you can find all the designer and high street stores always stocking stylish leather sandals that can be dressed with light shade trousers.

What are the best places to wear sandals?

These days, sandals are accepted almost everywhere, so listing places to avoid wearing them might be quicker. Summer parties, vacations on the beach, and garden parties are great places to wear dressier slides. Sandals are obviously great for picnics and beach days with your loved ones. There are even people who wear sandals with suiting separates and at formal occasions. If you are confident enough to carry this smart casual style then you can wear it during a postgraduate ceremony, which carries all sorts of risks, or late night date. Sandals aren't appropriate anywhere because you might be worried about people staring at your feet all the time. So it is important to keep in mind that at weddings, formal events, or around the office, even beautifully crafted leather sandals or slides are unacceptable. The world can see your toes through sandals, and sometimes, it's best to leave toes to their own devices. Can you think of an occasion and outfit where men's sandals would be more appropriate? We have listed all of those attires in this blog.


  1. Crew neck with chinos
  2. Combining a white crew-neck t-shirt with black chinos creates a straightforward yet cool and relaxed ensemble. An effortless sense of stylish effortlessness can be achieved by adding sandals to your whole outfit.
  3. Why not prints?
  4. A short sleeve shirt with a teal print and black shorts epitomize casual cool and stylish functionality. A pair of men’s sandals will add a touch of style and effortlessness to this ensemble.
  5. Look sharp with trousers
  6. It is surprising how easy it is to wear sandals with a sharp pair of trousers, despite them not being the first shoes you think of. All you need is the right pair of each. It is recommended that the trousers should have a slightly wider leg.
  7. Shiny leather sandal
  8. Men's leather sandals are the most versatile and beautiful type of men's sandals out there. There are many styles available, such as men's gladiator sandals, Birkenstock type sandals, and sandals with woven leather straps, giving you a wide variety of aesthetics and colors. The beauty of leather sandals is that they can be worn with both casual and dressy outfits.
  9. Ethnic touch with sandals
  10. Although we often associate kurtas with festive occasions, they can be worn casually as well. During the warmer months of the year, it is stylish, comfortable, and perfect. You can complete your look by wearing denim and leather sandals with your ethnic outfit.
  11. Go monochrom
  12. Anyone who loves to keep their life and wardrobe simple will love this beige and brown outfit. Your choice is whether to wear a short kurta or a shirt with trousers. You are now ready to complete your look with a pair of dark brown leather sandals.
  13. Lazy Fridays at office
  14. Some offices permit casual clothing on their Fridays (Keep in mind that this look might not apply for meetings). You can achieve a lazy Friday look by wearing chunky sandals with chinos or trousers. Most men prefer a fine black leather sandal that will look more semi-formal at your work.

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