Get Summer Ready With Slip-On's

Why Upgrade to Memory Technology Footwear 

A shoe with sufficient space, an apt grip, a soft sole and current generation technology is the ideal footwear attributes we all be keen to settle for. The Stressless Memory Technology by Alberto Torresi offer to comfort and divide your body weight equally with the cushion bed. Stressless is an offering inspired by the ancient art of yoga that aids in naturally counterbalancing stress. Crafted with the finest leather, these stylish shoes relax the muscles to provide optimum comfort and relaxation. Breathable socks cushion your feet effectively and help in reducing stress hormones to calm your body and soul. Yogic flexibility and sturdy gripping soles make Stressless Shoes the perfect example of Hybrid Technology. 



Pairing your Slip-On's 


With the temperature in India rising like calorie intake every day, we get a little liberty
 to accommodate our casual slip-on's with shorts, chinos, jeans, denims, trousers
 to most events unless strictly formal.Investing in a pair of branded slip-on's equipped
 with memory technology is a wise option to get yourself to slide in style for absolutely most places.

Whether its an office meeting or a friendly affair with pals, a pair of laceless options in leather can be pulled off without doubts. A pair of loafers or moccasins can be your next shop if you haven't already given yourself the luxury of laceless options. They can be paired with even semi-formal outfits, just what you need this season.


Experiment with earth and versatile colors so you can wear them with most outfits, shades like grey, navy, tan are good alterations to the regular black casuals we unintentionally keep stocking.  

Check out some of Alberto Torresi casual wear preferred by celebrities Irfan Khan and Rajkumar Rao to add edge to their regular casual attire. 

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