Types of Men's Formal Shoes

A man must always try his best to groom his overall look, whatever be the occasion. Whether you're running errands, heading out to a meeting or a weekend night with your colleagues; your shoes represent your personality. So be wise enough while looking out for formal shoe options. The moment you take a deep breath just before starting your big speech, the point when the HR looks down at his glass of champagne to think over your proposal, the moment you get down on your knee to pop the proposal - these are the fine instances when your hair quality, shave or luxury suit- won't, but your shoe will count. Special occasions, be it a meeting, function or the big night with your affinity, call. for a meticulous consideration of your pick. Lucky for you we have gathered an exclusive formal shoe guide covering all major dress shoe types.

Oxfords are plain leather shoes with a closed lace construction, along with a low heel. These are the # 1 mandatory shoe every man must possess in their shoe collection. The shoelace eyelets are sewn under the vamp contributing to its professional look & construction. They have a closed lacing system which makes this shoe category win at formal shoe choices. A smooth leather marks the spine of an oxford shoe, oxfords may even have brouging making them an oxford brogue. It's distinctively traditional & streamlined in its construction, allowing itself to be worn in the most formal occasions, like a black-tie event or for the opera. It also makes the best choice for extremely special & due occasions.

Derby's makes the second most lauded choice in formal men's shoes. These are an open lacing system which makes their lacing construction more relaxed than the former shoe category. The stitching of the derby shoe exactly opposite to that of an Oxford & the eyelets are stitched on top of the vamp. For those who think formal shoes are only meant to be matched with formal outfits, have surely not seen how dress shoes can enhance even a simple & casual look. It is best worn on comparatively less formal events than we chose Oxfords for but meetings, office wear is a good choice to pair them with, also with jeans and chinos. If you wish to experiment you can wear them with a suit, with a neutral color choice.

This shoe balances its rough look with decorated perforated patterns. It may be a full, semi or a quarter brogue depending on the construction of patterns. A full brogue has pointed decorated toe cap with extended wings, semi-brogue have perforations in the center of the toe cap & along the edge of the cap. The quarter brogue is the simplest version having perforations only along the cap's edge. These perforations make them a popular choice amongst people who like to have an extra glom in their outfit. These are also often referred to as date night shoes, & are usually saved for important events like big meetings, conferences or client visits. Wingtip is the best option for pairing with suits or for dates, the other two can also go with semi-formals.

These are the quintessential shoes that each man should have in his closet for year-round wear. Nascent versions of the boots were worn by the kings while most of the population went barefoot. Boots are the utilitarian in that you can wear them in a lot of adverse weather situations. Also, the perfect embellishment to Nick the drowsiest of looks, making any outfit look outdoorsy & going owing to their heavier look & construction than all other shoes. You appear big & manly, thanks to more area that these boots cover. It sends out a message that you can surely afford to adorn with this pricey ensembles on all weather & occasions. Voices an opinion for a man with a taste in their shoe choices- signifying you bought them with discretion & not because you needed one. 

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