How To Wear Sneakers in 2022

There is no shoe collection that is complete without a great pair of men's sneakers. It's likely you're familiar with the trend, but if you're like some guys who always wear basics, you might still hesitate to try out funky sneakers.

Let’s start by knocking out the biggest misconception about sneakers. Men’s sneakers  are not always meant for casual attire. They are quite versatile and you can dress them in several ways.

We’re talking about sleek, simple, clean tennis shoes that go with just about everything.

Men's dress sneakers however bridge the gap between casual and formal dress shoes – perfect for occasions when you want to look stylish and casual, and wearing dress sneakers would make you look subtly formal.

You need to know how to wear sneakers for men the right way if you want to avoid looking like you just got out of bed. There are multiple ways and countless colors that you can choose to create your unique look.

Dress sneakers - the ultimate game changer

Dress sneakers are formal shoes that combine comfort and style - increasing your wardrobe options. Additionally, dress sneakers are also available in a variety of types, colors, and styles, which will help you stand out. You may like to try some dark colors which will go perfectly with any formal or semi-formal attire.

Leather sneakers - New style staple

With brown leather sneakers, you should wear warm and natural colors. Additionally, they complement white, gray, and blue suits to make your outfit look balanced.BLACK SNEAKERS FOR MEN

You can also consider the neutral tan color which complements pretty much every other color. Besides being durable, easy to clean, and lasting a very long time, these sneakers are also easy to maintain. Moreover, leather dress sneakers elevate any outfit, whether it's a suit, business casual, jeans, or chinos. They are durable and low maintenance (requiring only occasional polishing).

Black Sneakers - the new normal of casual shoes

Almost anything will look good with the black sneaker just like a classic black Oxford. You can wear it to work and on a night out, thanks to its simple, elegant design.


Some black sneakers have an outsole on the bottom that provides traction, flexibility and comfort.

Style the sneakers in different ways

Make it casual with khaki

Casual fashion essentials such as khaki chinos and a light blue shirt jacket add a dose of rugged refinement. You can make this outfit even more stylish and effortless by adding brown sneakers.

Dapper look

You can look casually dapper without spending too much time by wearing a navy plaid long sleeve shirt and light blue jeans. An easy way to amp up your look is to wear sneakers.

Experiment with neutral colors

Whenever you need to look sharp in a hurry, this off-duty combo of navy denim jacket and beige cargo pants will do the trick. Adding neutral shade sneakers to your look is the easiest way to make it stand out.

Vacation mode style

It's a good idea to pair a mustard puffer jacket with black shorts when you don't have time to plan an outfit but still want to look great on your summer vacation. To add a touch of variety to your outfit, add a pair of white sneakers.

Choose Sneakers That Match Your Colors

It doesn't mean that some things won't look better than others, even though there are no official rules to dress casual shoes. However, it is important to consider contrast when choosing canvas sneakers, since it determines whether or not you want them to be the focus:

Make sure your footwear and pants mismatch if you want to show them off.

Keeping your shoes close to the bottom of your outfit will draw attention to the upper part of your outfit. Moreover, it is always a good idea to wear lighter colored clothing during brighter summer days and maybe when the night falls - a darker combination will be perfect.

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