Loafers Vs Moccasins - The Ultimate Guide

Unlike the holy footwear trinity of Oxfords, Brogues, and Derbies - all subtle but monotonous - loafers or moccasins often break it as something different. Both of these easy to wear footwear options for men are nothing but a timeless and skillful blend of comfort and panache. These faceless beauties are designed to function both on formal and casual occasions with just a little bit of formality measure you need to keep in mind while choosing between the two. Lucky for you Alberto Torresi’s guide to Loafers vs Moccasins addresses the distinct features and differences to spot the two just right and know the formality measure for both to correctly pair them with casual and formal outfits.

Moccasins and Loafers may look alike but have several distinctive features, the first one being laced or not. Loafers traditionally never have any types of laces, while moccasins can be seen adorned with tassels or laces for purely a decorative element rather than tying. Moccasins are known to have been originally made out of deer skins and rubber soles.


Second distinctive feature being, the moccasins are predominantly heel-less, however, the loafer may or may not have a heel.

Seude and Leather are the two widely lauded make materials for both of these slip-on shoes. On the scale of formality to pair your footwear correctly for dressy affairs, loafers come on the casual side and can be worn for a casual attire with jeans, chinos, pants and sweaters etc.. Pairing color of your casual shoe with your accessories like belts' and bags' color is one rule you must stick to, to make your outfit look all pulled in together.


These slip-on shoe often set us all pondering on whether or not to wear them with socks. To clear the air, ideally the construction of these shoes promote the ability and ease to wear them without socks, so they can be worn without socks. A great alternative, however, to going sockless is using or switching to invisible socks. Invisible socks are smaller than ankle length socks and contain only to the feet with a narrow lining to prevent from being seen while worn with loafers or moccasins. These socks can also be worn with other shoes, without a problem.

For formal events, leather and Italian slip-on's have become a famous choice catering to the void of faceless professional shoes. Leather gives an edge over style and complements to look formal as for the overall attire.

Break the stereotypes and be the change if that's what it takes to wear your attitude. Check out our latest collection for loafers and moccasins on www.albertotorresi.com.


Photos Given under moccasins are not moccasins at all. They are loafers and vice versa.

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