Shoe Styles Every Man Must Own

It could seem like there is a lot to know about good style & there is, at least if you're willing to take some tips. But if you've got these in your closet, there's no questioning your shoe game. We, men, hesitate to experiment, but looking sharper than 99% of other guys out there, is actually fairly simple and requires merely any know-hows' of doing stuff right.

You can't own a perfect shoe wardrobe in one go. You need shoes that will get you from work to after-hours drinks, but also something to wear at the beach or on a crisp morning hike. One pair is obviously not going to cut it. And twelve pairs might be going a bit overboard, especially if you choose your footwear wisely.

Here are some encapsulated short principles that'll keep you looking rad with your style, helping you learn the 3 kinds of shoe style every man needs to own, which the most to invest on, which to keep changing more often...



The acme of this category has to be a pair of classic black formal shoes, you simply cannot do without them. Assuming most of us here already possess one, gone are the days when the black formal shoe was round the clock & place acceptable. You can’t be seen with the only pair of black formal shoes you own to the parties and as well as the Office for any formal getup. Well if you rare to look around, colored leather, suede are fantastic shoe options as long as you ore subtle in coordination with your outfit. A casual attire dominated with dark colors is a good day to have them on.

So how do you always play safe with your shoe color choice? You try to neutralize your outfit's overall charisma, complement the dark with the dark, the light with 'not dark'. One can never go wrong with a tan or a brown. Inappropriate with comparatively darker tones like a navy or charcoal suit in terms of its color but excellent with everything else. Of course, if you are confident enough, you can pair lighter shoe colors with dark suits but you must know that you're gathering too much attention there. Invest the most in the Formal Shoe, you're gonna need it for special or formal occasions, less often than your everyday wear shoes. The best choice will be a pair of brogues or Oxfords or Derby Shoes.


Shoes are the most underrated tools in a boy's arsenal. Hope now you know what you're missing out on! You know what doesn't impress anyone? Being the •xyz• shoe guy! The guy who wears sports shoes' or his only 'pair of fancy shoes' to every other occasion. That being said, wearing gym or sports shoes to any place other than what their name suggests, is almost like wearing slippers to a boll. Your casual shoes could range from being a pair of sockless loafers. minimalist white sneakers, platform laced options & also an embroidered sneaker is a must have this season.


Something to keep you easy going & help fight off all that debris before it settles on your everyday shoe. Eyes onto some of Alberto Torresi's most lauded casual shoes of the season which lets you wipe off the dust & germs in seconds. From bright to dull & substantial to light, there is nothing that is out of style. Indulge yourself with the collection of loafers or casuals that has no restriction as far as innovation is concerned. You can opt to invest relatively lesser in these everyday shoes.

3) Boots

The final pair of shoes - In this case must be a pair of boots. These are the quintessential shoes that each man should have in his closet for year-round wear. Nascent versions of the boots were worn by the kings while most of the population went barefoot. Boots & boot fashion have a long root in history. Shiny leather boots malted the common style In elite & working professionals' stately affairs. It weights to conclude that boots have symbolized ruling power & strength. What the famous & rich wore, eventually passed on to the common folks.

Boots are the utilitarian such that you can wear them in a lot of adverse weather situations. Also, the perfect embellishment to kick the drowsiest of looks, making any outfit look outdoorsy going & owing to their heavier look & construction than all other shoes. You appear big & manly, thanks to more area that these boots cover. It sends out a message that you can surely afford to adorn with these pricey ensembles on all weather & occasions. Voices an opinion for a man with a taste in their shoe choices- signifying you bought them with discretion not because you needed one.


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